Jacob Krueger Studio
Find The Cure To Writer's Block.

Founded by Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger, JK Studio is the only screenwriting school that teaches both the art and the craft of the writing process. 


Rather than imposing formulaic models from the outside, we teach a unique approach to organically “grow” your script from initial idea, to character, to scene, to act, to the movie you’ve always dreamed of writing. 


Our classes utilize Seven Act Structure to help writers of all levels to unearth the underlying structure already present in their writing, get their stories moving again and translate their creative instincts into a form that is viable in the industry.


With classes in NYC and Online, affordable One-on-One Mentorship, Free Events like our Cold Cuts Reading Series and International Retreats throughout the world, we seek to foster a supportive community of writers, coming together to achieve their common goals.   More info: WriteYourScreenplay.com