Creative Screenwriter Productions, LLC
Focused on producing scripts from unique voices!

Creative Screenwriter Productions LLC is a production company formed by the owners of Creative Screenwriting Magazine, an online resource for screenwriters, with articles, advice and videos on all aspects of screenwriting, from the best in the business.

The production company is the latest in an effort to advance emerging screenwriter's career by optioning and producing the highest quality scripts in the industry. Our team will develop the optioned scripts then package a director, actors and more to pitch to our many studio contacts. 

More details about CS Magazine:
Creative Screenwriting Magazine is an online resource for screenwriters, with articles on the craft of screenwriters, and interviews with working screenwriters and industry folk who live the film and TV industry every day. Sign up to our Newsletter, or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

"The Best Magazine for Screenwriters." The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times.