Fresh Voices
Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Our approach to discovering new talent underscores our strong belief that new voices deserve to be heard, and great stories told. Our services are specifically designed to discover material most people might overlook. While traditional criteria such as tone, structure and character are equally important, in our experience the one quality that cannot be taught or rewritten is the author’s original voice.



We encourage writers by offering guidance to those areas of the screenwriting process that can be taught. Established writers have a team of agents, managers and publicists to prepare, promote and help navigate every aspect of the business. Fresh Voices was created to offer the same services to emerging writers so you can approach your career with confidence.



We take a proactive approach to introducing writers and material to the industry. We have relationships with the tastemakers and decision makers and we know what sells and who's buying. We strive to effectively match material with appropriate buyers, facilitate productive relationships and launch the careers of emerging screenwriters.