Jessica Blank Coaching

Whether you're a showrunner looking to break out of the box and finally write a pilot in your own voice, a pro screenwriter working on a passion spec, an author stuck in the weeds on your third book; whether you're an actor who’s been brewing a solo show or indie feature forever but don’t know how to translate what you know about story onto the page; or whether you've never written before, but you have an idea that will not leave you alone--I'm here to help you craft that idea into radically impactful story.  

My process, developed in the laboratory of my own work, my work as a professor at the Juilliard School and the NYU/Tisch Graduate Film Program, and through more than ten years as a coach to professional playwrights, Sundance-supported filmmakers, authors published by major houses, and TV, film and Broadway actors, provides a foolproof and infallible map for creating story that moves, illuminates, and transforms. My methodology, grounded in neuroscience, human psychology, creative productivity, and the art and craft of story, will help you powerfully affect audiences, level up to massive new creative manifestation-- and break through fears, blocks and resistance to keep creating no matter what.