Eclectic Pictures
Marrying commercial and artistic aspects of film
The idea: to launch a Prod. Co. diverse in slate with a focus of marrying the commercial and artistic aspects of filmmaking. A first-look deal with Millennium Pictures since 2004. In our quest for excellence, Eclectic's Development Division resolves to find an cultivate exceptional partnerships and co-productions. Eclectic Pictures has multiple projects in various stages of development in all genres: thrillers, comedy, rom-coms, prespicacious horror, action, action-comedies, and dramas with powerful/unique storylines. More specifically, stories based on books, articles, plays, strong female-driven protagonists; environmentally themed policatl thrillers, and US/foreign remakes. Additionally, we encourage the submission of full packaged projects with A-level talent attachments to finance through Milennium deal or our independent equity sources.