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Scriptapalooza Coverage Service

From Agents to Managers to Producers, every set of eyes on your script counts when it comes to film industry professionals reading it. This reality along with countless requests has led to Scriptapalooza Coverage Service. We are taking writers back to their roots... writing. As a means to hone your screenwriting craft as well as gage industry response to your screenplay, Scriptapalooza Coverage Service is the indispensable first step in getting your script to the level it needs to be at before it goes out to the industry.

The services we offer:

• Screenplay Coverage

• 2 Reader Evaluation Coverage

• 3 Reader Evaluation Coverage

• Your First 20 Pages

• Television Coverage

• The Complete Studio Development Package

• Coverage for Novels  

• Proofreading 

What is coverage?

Coverage is a tool used in the industry as a way to weed out the hundreds of screenplays that pass over an agent or executive's desk on any given day. An industry executive will have their reader read a script and return a coverage report for them as a means to have a quick overview look at a script without the executive having to read it in its entirety.

The script is first read by the reader and then a thorough yet concise treatment is written on the script as well as a sale-able logline. A treatment is the story of the screenplay written out in paragraphs, with a beginning, middle and end, detailing what happens. At the end, there are comments, from the reader on what worked and what didn't with the final note being whether the reader would "recommend," "consider" or "pass" the screenplay.

This is considered standard industry coverage. Our Regular Coverage takes the writer through this process and our Development Coverage goes a step further and helps the writer learn what is working and what went wrong and where and supplies the feedback and analysis for suggested improvements for the writer as they go into a rewrite. Through Scriptapalooza Coverage writers are able to make their craft stronger resulting in a solid script.

Why should I do it?

A writer can't afford NOT to have their script professionally analyzed and critiqued prior to submitting it to the industry for two major reasons: Industry Response and Script/Writer Development.

INDUSTRY RESPONSE: Getting industry feedback and industry impression of your work without getting a "pass" is essential. No matter what the submission channels it goes through in the industry, it will be covered by a reader. Prior to going out to the industry with your script, you want to make sure you are putting forward the best version of your script possible. This script is your calling card, and your writing sample. It will get into doors before your do and you want to make sure it creates opportunities for you.

SCRIPT AND WRITER DEVELOPMENT: The priceless feedback a professional reader can give the writer as it relates to their script cannot be found in any screenwriting book. You may know the basics, but how to apply your story within that framework is the difference between an attention grabbing script and one that misses the mark entirely and is passed over. For a writer setting out to have a long-term writing career it isn't just about the one big sale, although that is part of it. It is about being a fantastic writer and having longevity in the professional screenwriting world.