Mia Terra Retreats
Unique adventures to inspire writers

Mia Terra Tours & Retreats specializes in writer and artist retreats and unique, small group tours to inspire creative souls. Traveling can be uncomfortable, especially in a foreign country. As artists, we need to step out of our comfort zones and view the world through new eyes. With new experiences come new insights and new ways in which to tell our stories.


After traveling solo through various parts of the globe and writing her travel blog, Mia Terra Blog, founder Diana Osberg began to combine her passion for writing, traveling and inspiring others by putting together some unique writers' retreats designed to help writers see the world through fresh eyes.


Join award-winning screenwriter Bill Boyle for Writers on the Water, a 5-day tall ship screenwriting retreat September 14-18, 2015, or come with us to paradise for a 7-day Costa Rica Screenwriting Retreat, being scheduled for 2016. There are many more retreats and tours to come with Bill Boyle and other popular writing mentors, as well as artists in other mediums.


Join us on one or more of these amazing journeys to unfamiliar parts of the globe and be open to exploring new territories in your writing and creative process. Charge up your mobile devices, pack your bag and come along on an adventure that will change your life.