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Feb 01, 2015


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Nov 01, 2015

Circus Road Screenplay Contest


Circus Road wants to find a great project to produce! We have produced and sold films in all genres. We will analyze all finalists with an eye towards optioning one or more screenplays for production. The top finalist will win not just $5000 in cash, but the opportunity to have their screenplay optioned for production. This is a contest that doesn't just get you a prize and a winning title. This is a contest that will get you a career.



  •  $5000 cash
  • Winning screenplay will be optioned for production




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  1. All writers of submitted material must be 18 years or older, including co-authored material.
  2. Screenplays written by teams of two or more are eligible. Any award won by a co-authored screenplay will be divided evenly among the writers listed on the entry form.
  3. Screenplays and any source material must be the original work of the author, unless such source material is in the public domain.
  4. Submissions of new drafts or corrected pages will not be accepted.
  5. A writer may enter more than one screenplay; however, a separate entry form and fee are required for each script submitted.
  6. Contestants retain full ownership of their material and are not obligated to accept any proposed option by Circus Road.
  7. Industry executives will analyze the screenplays to determine the semi-finalists and finalists. Circus Road will determine the winner of the Grand Prize of $5000.
  8. Circus Road will not provide any feedback or coverage of submitted screenplays.










None added. Contact contest admin for details.


Kevin Scrantz and Peter Devonald's script THE LIFE OF DREAMS about two young lovers meeting only in each other's dreams, has reached the Circus Road Semi-Finalist list. The semi-finalist group was announced on September 1, 2014.
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OF WOLVES AND MEN, Semifinalist at Circus Road

Robert Dan O´Neill´s Screenplay "OF WOLVES AND MEN" has made the semifinals in the 2014 CIRCUS ROAD SCREENPLAY COMPETITION.
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Bierman's RUST is a pending Circus Road Semifinalist!

The 2014 PAGE Quarter-finalist script finds additional success.
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'The Horseman of Zabul' Is A Semifinalist at Circus Road

THE HORSEMAN OF ZABUL (aka 'The Quiet Professional'), an Aghan war story, has made it through to the semifinals of the Circus Road Screenplay Competition for 2014. 
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Stevens Release New Book, and Places as Semifinalist at Circus Road

Serita Stevens' latest book, "The Ultimate Writer's Workbook for Books and Scripts" is now out from Motivational Press and available on Amazon and through Stevens' website. Also, her script MURDER ME TWICE is a...
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Steven Laflamme's Bank Heist Script - Finalist at Creative World Awards

Steven Laflammes's script BABY ON BOARD advanced to the finals of the Creative World Awards (CWA). The script, about two hapless brother's bank robbers, is now in contention for the top prizes which will be announced in September...
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SHADOWMAN by Mike Miller Wins Grand Prize at Story Pros

Writer/Director Mike Miller's first feature screenplay, SHADOWMAN, and to be his feature directorial debut, recently won the GRAND PRIZE at the 2014 Story Pros Int'l Screenplay Contest and named Best Screenplay in the Drama category....
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Maria Hinterkoerner - Multiple Contest Finalist and Semifinalist

Finalist and Semifinalist in Circus Road Screenplay Contest, Page International Screenwriting Awards, Shoot In Philadelphia Screenplay Competition, Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
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Story of gay soldier continues to place in more contests

Timothy Jay Smith's gritty story of a gay deserter from the war in Iraq continues to wow contest judges. "Cooper's Promise" has advaced to the semifinals in contests sponsored by Circus Films and Screenplay Festival. In other...
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Mike Miller's 'Shadowman' gains Semi_Finalist nod at 2015 contest.

In such a prestigious competition, semi-finalist is a win. The finalists will be announced 2/1/16.
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LUCIFER'S REVENGE Finalist Circus Road Screenplay Contest 2015

John Alarid's sci-fi action script LUCIFER’S REVENGE is about a  rookie journalist who finds herself in the middle of an epic battle between Angels and Demons after she discovers that Hell has infiltrated the White House and that...
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David J Schroeder's Feature Screenplay Success: LAIFFA and Circus Road

David j Schroeder's feature script, HALFWAY HOME, is a 2nd Place finisher in the January 2016 Los Angeles International Film Festival Awards. His action/adventure feature script, LOST CAUSE, is a Finalist in the Circus Road Screenplay Contest.
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Cooper scores again! Hus screenplay adaptation of his own novel, Cooper's Promise, is a Finalist in the Circus Road Films screenplay competition.That's almost thirty contests this screenplay has won or placed in!
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'Late Bloomers' by Terence J. Gabriel placed Circus Road Screenplay Con.

Terence's script 'Late Bloomers' was a semi-finalist in the 2016 Circus Road Screenplay Contest
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'Late Bloomers' by Terence J. Gabriel placed Circus Road Screenplay Con.

Terence's script "Late Bloomers" was a Finalist in the 2015 Circus Road Screenplay Contest
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'Late Bloomers' by Terence J. Gabriel placed Circus Road Screenplay Con.

Terence's script "Late Bloomers" was a Semi-finalist in the 2014 Circus Road Screenplay Contest
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Many More Placements and Awards for Danielle R Erlich's Fantasy LUANA

Danielle R Erlich's fantasy LUANA, which is an origin story that sets up her saga LEGACY is showing no signs of slowing down. With 14 awards already, LUANA was chosen by The Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition as a semi-finalist, won...
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LEGACY Continues to Impress the Judges and Win Awards

LEGACY continues to impress at film festivals, and screenwriting competitions. It won 1st place in the Fan Fiction Screenplay Contest, 1st Place in the fantasy genre in The Las Vegas International Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, 2nd place...
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