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Program Description

To find fresh new writing voices to present to the production companies and studios Extreme Screenwriting contracts with for coverage.

Deadlines and Fees

May 15, 2013
Category 1
Standard Fee
Category 2
Standard Fee

Program Benefits

Two categories winners; screenplay and TV Pilot. A WB executive will read and pick the Grand Prize Winner. The Grand Prize winner will have their script optioned by the WB production company. 2nd Place winner receives $5K cash.

Announcement Dates


June 15, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are the judges for this year's contest?

A. The judges are producers from Extreme Screenwriting's production companies and studio coverage service clients. The owner/founder of Extreme Screenwriting, Barb Doyon, is not a judge, but the contest administrator.


Q. Do you accept screenplays over 120 pages?

A. Extreme Screenwriting prefers screenplays up to 120 pages, but longer scripts will not be disqualified.This also applies to TV pilots over 60 pages.


Q. Do you accept biographies?

A. The contest is open to all genres.


Q.Should I include a cover page with contact information?

A.Yes, include a cover page with contact information.


Q.Which WB production company will be offering the option for the grand prize winner?

A.The WB producer has asked to remain anonymous to avoid unsolicited material. Extreme Screenwriting's spin-off production company, Extreme Screen Pics (www.extremescreenpics.com) has a production agreement with Warner Bros, which allowed us to broker this offer with the studio production company.


Q.Will the finalists be read by Warner Bros?

A. The finalists will be promoted to all of Extreme Screenwriting's coverage service clients, including producers, production companies, studios, actors, directors, agents/managers.


Q. How long has Extreme Screenwriting been in business?

A. Extreme Screenwriting has been around for over a decade. We are the only coverage service to provide coverage to production companies and aspiring screenwriters, which gives us the unique opportunity for direct industry referrals for recommended screenplays and TV pilots. See client successes at www.extremescreenwriting.com, click on Client Success. 


Q. Can I submit revised drafts of the screenplay or TV pilot to the contest?

A. Yes. Writers can submit revisions up to the final contest deadline.


Q. I live in Australia. Can I still submit and does my location hurt my chances in the contest?

A. The contest is open to all countries. Extreme Screenwriting is seeking great writers from around the globe, regardless of location.


Q. Does the contest provide free or paid feedback?

A. Extreme Screenwriting's contests have previously provided feedback, but the 2013 contest is not providing free or paid feedback.


Any genre. Up to 120 pages for screenplays. Up to 60 pages for original TV episodic dramas or sitcoms. Okay to include cover page. Accept revisions up to contest final deadline. Finalists are promoted to our production companies and studio clients.

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