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Dec 16, 2017

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Jan 05, 2018


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Table Read My Screenplay - PARK CITY



A Table Read can help change your script, one of ours can jump-start your career! Winners will be flown to Park City, Utah during SUNDANCE and Slamdance! Grand Prize Winner will have their screenplay read by professional actors and workshopped by a director. We cover Hotel & Airfare expenses during the festival. Plus, you'll get to network with the people who can change your career! Parties, Movies, Celebs & more!

Submission options include Feedback options:

Short Film Submissions:
- Feedback for $30

Television Pilot or Feature Film Submissions:
- Feedback on your first 20 pages for $30
- Full script feedback with 2-3 pages of notes for $55


Feature/Pilot Grand Prize Winner:

  • $1500 Cash
  • Flight & Accommodations to Park City during the¿½¿½¿½2018 Sundance Film Festival - January 22nd - 25th.
  • Scenes from your screenplay workshopped with an¿½¿½¿½acclaimed Director¿½¿½¿½and¿½¿½¿½Professional Actors¿½¿½¿½in preparation for a live recorded Table Read of your complete screenplay and Showcase of some scenes.¿½
  • 4 days of Film Events, Networking and Parties.
  • Special Invitation into the¿½¿½¿½ISA Development Program
  • COACHING in a Script OR Career Consultation with a professional coach from Jacob Krueger Studio ($1000 value) Listen to his podcasts on ISA
  • EXPOSURE through The Tracking Board website's ISA Spotlight section, and a dedicated announcement submitted to over 1,700 Industry Professionals for review.
Short/Web Series Pilot Grand Prize Winner:
  • $750 Cash
  • The ISA Development Program will share your script and podcast episode to new media outlets including AwesomenessTV and more.
  • If you produce your short script within 18 months of winning, we'll pay entry into 3 film festivals.
  • COACHING in a Script OR Career Consultation with a professional coach from Jacob Krueger Studio ($1000 value) Listen to his podcasts on ISA
  • EXPOSURE through The Tracking Board website's ISA Spotlight section, and a dedicated announcement submitted to over 1,700 Industry Professionals for review.

Top 10 Winners:
  • 1 Year ISAConnect ($100 value)
  • Write Your Screenplay class with Jacob Krueger in NYC or online ($350 value)
  • Seven Act Structure by Jacob Krueger ($150 value)
  • Seven Act Structure by Jacob Krueger ($150 value): Learn An Organic Approach To Your Own Screenwriting. In this groundbreaking seminar, award-winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger will help you move beyond the tired formulas that are holding back your writing, by understanding the powerful organic approach used by Hollywood's best writers. You'll not only learn the underlying structure of a renowned screenplay, but also discover a new way of thinking about the structure of your own screenplays, and the journeys of your own most compelling characters.
Everyone Who Enters Receives

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Feedback Type Description


  • This contest is open to anyone except all employees, directors, associates, and immediate families of the TABLE READ MY SCREENPLAY Contest.
  • Multiple entries are permissible, but a separate entry form and entry fee must be submitted for each one.
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, veteran status, or disability. It is our intention that all qualified submissions be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions are based on script-related factors alone.
  • Promotional discounts offered may only be utilized at the time of submission and no partial refund for a promotional code may be issued after an entry has been officially submitted.
  • Once material has been entered, no substitutions of new drafts or corrections will be considered past 24 hours from original submission time and date. After this time you may fill in an entry form and pay the appropriate entry fee to submit any script revisions or changes as many times as you like up until the deadline. You are free to email with a revised logline or contact details at no additional charge.
  • Those that receive free feedback are not eligible to receive a free resubmission, which comes as an option with purchased feedback, unless otherwise noted in the promotion.
  • Table Read My Screenplay cannot guarantee feedback will be received within enough time to resubmit.
  • The writer understands that feedback can take up to 90 days turn-around time and may not be received before the end of the contest.
  • TRMS Feature or Pilot Grand Prize winners from previous seasons may only submit to TRMS with a new screenplay if it is for a city they have not placed in as the Grand Prize Winner. Previous short winners may enter any contest provided they enter a feature next. If a writer wins the Grand Prize in 2 cities they may no longer submit.
  • TRMS 3rd-10th Place Finalists winners may submit again with a completely different screenplay. Those who have placed as a category or top 10 (3rd-10th place) winner 3 times with three separate screenplays are ineligible to submit in any future contest season.
  • TRMS Top 10 Finalists winners may submit again with a completely different screenplay. Those who have placed as a category winner 3 times with three separate screenplays are ineligible to submit in any future contest season.
  • Adaptations from other works are permissible provided you have the writer's written permission to adapt the work.
  • Adaptations of works in the public domain are permissible, however you are responsible for the legalities of this.
  • Collaborative work is eligible; the writers are responsible for the distribution of the contest prize(s).
  • Writers under the age of 18 years old must have parent or legal guardian's permission to participate.
  • The work or submitted material must not be in a current option agreement, or may not have been previously sold or produced for profit.
  • Writer understands and accepts without reservation that he/she is an independent contractor and that the contest administrators are not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments on prize money to any government agency, at any level, be it state, local or federal.
  • Writer understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to register material with the U.S. Copyright Office and/or with the Writers Guild of America West or the appropriate agency in his/her country.
  • You must retain at least one copy of the submitted material, and you understand that all material we receive cannot and will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • Recommended length of your work:
  • Feature - (70 - 120 pages), TV Pilots - (10 - 60 pages)
  • If a screenplay is submitted for feedback and is over 120 pages, an additional fee of $1 per page will apply and the contestant will be contacted and billed separately for the extra, or only the first 120 pages will be read.
  • All entries must be received by Final Deadline. TRMS reserves the right to extend the contest deadline up to 90 days.
  • TRMS is not responsible for late, lost, unacceptably formatted, corrupt, or incorrect submissions.
  • Contestants may submit their screenplay to any other person, contest, producer, agent, publisher, and/or organization.
  • Contestants retain all rights to their screenplay, subject to the terms and agreements contained herein.
  • TRMS will only accept your submission if you assure us that to the best of your knowledge you are the sole originator of the idea and that you have the legal right to submit it for judging to TRMS.
  • You understand that your logline and / or screenplay will be reviewed by our employees and/or our panel of Industry Judges for evaluation. You also understand that any one of these employees or judges may have been or may be exploring ideas similar to yours and you hereby waive any claim that TRMS, its employees or judges may have misappropriated any ideas or portions of your submission logline or script.
  • No agreement for compensation, other than the TRMS prizes listed, has been implied.
  • TRMS intends to submit the TOP 100 to respected producers with your permission, which will be granted upon clicking the 'I have Read and Understand the Contest Rules' button. You can withdraw from this process at any time.
  • When your screenplay, application, and payment have all been received, you will be notified by email only. Please provide an appropriate email address. If your email address changes, it is your responsibility to let us know.
  • By entering this contest and in the event you are declared a TOP 100 finalist (also known as Semi-Finalist), you understand and accept that TRMS will be free to use your name and likeness for advertising or promotional purposes without additional consideration.
  • If you are a GRAND PRIZE Winner, 2nd or 3rd Place overall winner (if applicable), you agree to give TRMS permission to post your video or audio Table Read on its web site.
  • All contest participants understand and agree with the following:
  • TRMS reserves the right to award a cash prize, at its discretion. A Grand Prize Winner is under no obligation to accept the associated prizes but will not be awarded or owed a cash replacement upon electing not to move forward with prizes offered. This includes local winners.
  • International flight not to exceed $1500. Domestic flight not to exceed $800. There is no cash reimbursement for flights that cost more than the limit nor will there be a disbursement of the difference for flights that are less than the $1500 / $800 limit.
  • TRMS may develop a series or documentary style program based on the inner workings of the contest and the production resulting there from. TRMS reserves the right to contact contestants with offers to participate in any such production. Contestants are under no obligation to participate therein.
  • Contest applicants must accept without reservation the decisions rendered by the judges.
  • TRMS has the right to change or add to the prizes at any time, without notice, and/or substitute prizes of equal or lesser value.
  • TRMS is not affiliated directly with the Sundance Film Festival. Winner passes and access to the festival does not imply an association or additional access.


Q: How do I enter for one of the other cities?
A: Only one¿½able Read My Screenplay¿½competition is held at any time. Future contests will be announced after Table Read Park City closes.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all payments through PayPal; however, you do not need a PayPal account to use it. Once you are taken to the payment page, you can select Pay by Credit/Debit Card.

Q: Do you accept check or money order by mail?
A: No; all payments must be made through PayPal.

Q: I would like to mail you a hardcopy of my script. How can I do that?
A: In an effort to maintain a green company, we only accept screenplays and teleplays through our website or one of our partner websites (the ISA, FilmFreeway, WithoutABox).

Q: Should I include my contact information on my title page?
A:You may, but it is not required. If you choose to do so, you may include your contact information on the title page, but it does not affect judging either way if you choose not to include it.

Q: Who will be reading my screenplay/judging the contest?
A: The final panel of judges will be comprised of members of the Los Angeles Film Community, including but not limited to producers, managers and established writers.

Q: Will you fly me to Park City, UT if I win?
A: It depends which category you enter:

  • The Feature/Pilot Grand Prize Winner will receive coach airfare and accommodations resulting in a three-night stay.
  • The Short Grand Prize winner will receive cash, which can be put toward airfare if they wish to attend, but TRMS will not book the flight for the Shorts Winner.

Q: Can I enter my Short script as a Pilot?
A: You may enter your script however you wish, however our judges will be looking for formatting and structural techniques that are unique to each medium.

Q: When is the Table Read?
A: The Feature / Pilot showcase reading will be during Sundance Film Festival in January 2018. We will work with the winner to determine an ideal date to the best of our ability. If the final date as selected by TRMS does not work for the winner, TRMS will not provide any cash value matching for the non-accepted airfare and hotel, or movie ticket expenses turned down by the winner. We will be as flexible as possible, but the ultimate decision resides solely with TRMS.

The Shorts Winner will receive a digital recording of their script's Table Read no later than March 1st, 2018.

Q: Can we gift the Sundance film tickets to someone else?
A: The prize of Sundance film tickets is not transferable, and are forfeited if you decide not to attend the festival. However, if you know someone attending Sundance, you may bring them to a screening with you.

Q: Is this contest affiliated with Sundance or Slamdance?
A: While Table Read is not affiliated with Sundance, we will make every effort to ensure you enjoy the Festival and your time in Park City.

Q: How will I, as the Feature/Pilot Grand Prize Winner, participate in the Table Read?
A: You sit back, relax, and observe as a director works scenes from your winning screenplay with the actors in preparation for the showcase of your first 20 pages. We will also do a full table read of your script. There you can take a few notes of what's working and what might need some tweaking. We encourage you to watch the process rather than reading off the script because you will get to listen again when you receive the recording.

Q: Does the Short Grand Prize winner receive a Table Read?
A: The Shorts Winner will receive a live recording of their Table Read, which will be posted on ISA's Curious About Screenwriting Network and provided to the ISA's list of Industry Professionals.

Q: Do I maintain the rights to my screenplay?
A: YES, you retain all the rights to your screenplay. Table Read My Screenplay seeks to support and empower writers, rather than claim their hard work for ourselves.

Q: Do I need to submit a Synopsis?
A: Synopses are not required, and are not considered during the judging process.

Q: Can I submit a screenplay under a pen name?
A: Yes, you may use whatever name you wish, understanding that that is the name Table Read and the ISA will use to promote your script, should you win.

Q: Does my screenplay have to be registered with the Writers' Guild or another organization?
A: No, but we do¿½¿½¿½recommend¿½¿½¿½registering your work with the WGA West, the Library of Congress Copyright office or other similar organization in your country. It's really easy and a VERY smart thing to do.

Q: Is an adaptation of a published novel or other work written by somebody else eligible?
A: You must have the legal rights to adapt the book to enter your screenplay. Either the original work must be in the public domain, or you must have the author's permission to adapt it. Spec scripts without written permission¿½¿½¿½will notbe considered.

Q:Can I send you a revised copy of my script??
A: Once we have received your entry, you have 24 hours to contact us about any replacements you need to make. After the 24-hour period is through, NO script revisions will be accepted FOR ANY REASON. If you would like to enter a revised version of your screenplay, you may do so as a new entry.

Q: Can I make changes to my genre or logline?
A: Yes, you may change your listed genre or logline at any time; simply e-mail us at¿½¿½¿½¿½and let us know about the change. Once the contest is closed, we will not be able to make any changes.

Q: What stops you from taking my idea and developing it yourself?
A: Our panel of judges is comprised of respected industry professionals, and they have no intention of stealing your material. They¿½¿½¿½re actually hoping to find new talent to work with. If you make it to the Semi-Finalist round, your work will be seen by these professionals, which in turn, gets you one step closer to getting your screenplay produced. You can sit at home and protect your ideas all day long hoping for that one right person to come along, or you can get your work out there and show us what you've got!

Q: Do you accept Web Series?
A: Yes, Web Series will be considered for the Shorts Prize and should be entered as such. However, we will only consider the Pilot episode of your Web Series.

Q: What about series intended for streaming (Netflix, Hulu, ABC Digital, etc.)
A: Generally-speaking it depends on script length; any Pilot over 20 Pages should be entered as a TV Pilot (like¿½¿½¿½Stranger Things, Catastrophe, etc). Series with shorter episodes like¿½¿½¿½Forever 31¿½and¿½¿½¿½Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Slingshot¿½¿½¿½should be entered as Shorts.

Q: Can TV Pilots win the GRAND PRIZE?
A: Yes, Features and Pilots compete for the same prize; TV Pilots have won in the past.

Q: What's the minimum/maximum required page length?
A: Guidelines for suggested page lengths:

  • Features: 70 to 120 Pages
  • TV Pilots: 21 to 70 Pages
  • Shorts: 1 to 40 Pages
  • Web Series: 1 to 20 Pages

Q: My Feature Script is over 120 Pages. Will I be disqualified?
A: Scripts that run over suggested page lengths will not be disqualified; however, extra pages can affect everything from pacing to structure to marketability, and we would advise you to get your script as close as possible to where the industry expects it to be.

Q: Will I be charged more if I go over 120 pages?
A: The entry fee does not change. However, if you¿½¿½¿½purchase feedback, we will need to invoice you $1 per page extra for the Reader, who will receive every cent of the additional fee.

Q: Can I enter two scripts in one document?
A: You may enter up to three scripts per entry, but all scripts MUST be in their own PDF document.

Q: Can I submit an episode from my series besides the Pilot for consideration?
A: We would advise against this, as our judges consider all TV episodes as if they are the first in the series. No one would read a film script that starts on page 20.

Q: Does the choice of genre matter in my submission?
A: Yes, but only to determine what your goal is for your work; ie, if you submit your script as a Comedy, we would expect it to be funny. All genres are in competition with one another, and there are no genre-specific prizes.

Q: The genre of my script is not an available choice; how should I enter?
A: You should choose the genre that is most closely associated with your script. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at¿½¿½¿½ That said, we will¿½¿½¿½not¿½¿½¿½consider scripts for documentary, erotica, reality TV or musicals.

Q: Can I submit my screenplay in multiple genres?
A: Yes, you can; however, you will have to pay an entry fee each time as if they were separate scripts.

Q: Can multiple scripts from one writer place in the Top 100 Semifinalists list?
A: Yes, some writers may have more than one script reach the Top 100. Table Read My Screenplay is interested in promoting scripts as well as writers, and as such we choose the Top 100 scripts that we receive to move on to the Semifinals.

Q: Are Shorts part of the Top 100 Semifinalists list?
A: Beginning with this year's Table Read Park City, we will separate Shorts and Web Series onto their own Top 25 Semifinalists list. For all contests prior to that, Features, TV Pilots, and Shorts are all featured on the same list.

Q: I don't live in the United States; am I still eligible?
A: Yes, we accept International entries, but all submissions must be in English.

Q: My country currently cannot do business with the US so I cannot pay; may I receive a waiver?
A: Unfortunately, at this time we cannot grant waivers.

Q: Will you pay for my flight even though I don't live in the US?
A: Table Read My Screenplay will up to $1,500 for an international flight, and up to $800 for a domestic flight..

Q: If I choose not to fly or stay in your hotel, is there a cash equivalent?
A: No. If you decide not to utilize the flight or hotel, they are simply forfeited.

Rod Thompson\'s \"The Squire\" a Finalist in Table Read Contest

Previously rated an 8 on Franklin Leonard's, "The Squire" continues to perform well, now placing as a finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay Contest. An emotional, heartwarming tale of an imaginative young...
read more »

THE LOVE SEAT by Jeff York figures in Table Read\'s Sundance contest

Jeff York's award-winning romantic comedy THE LOVE SEAT (one of Script magazine's four best spec scripts winner in 2010) was an honorable mention finalist in the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay contest being held at The Sundance Film Festival...
read more »

Peter Wisan placed as a semi-finalist in Table Read My Screenplay

Peter Wisan's screenplay, Strings, placed in the semi-final category for the Sixth Annual Table Read My Screenplay Contest. This script is about an aged music teacher and a violin prodigy finding beauty in a  dystopia.
read more »

Steve Atkinson\'s script named \"Best Drama\" - Table Read My Screenplay

No Mountain Too High was named Best Drama at the Table Read My Screenplay Competition during the Sundance Film Festival.  
read more »

Paul Corricelli\'s Inked In Blood Won and Placed in Multiple Contests

* INKED IN BLOOD won the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay Contest, Horror category. My first script,“E”, was optioned in two-thousand and three. Inked in Blood, (formerly White Death), placed in the final round of The Open Door Screen...
read more »

Nick Schober - Grand Prize Winner Table Read My Screenplay Sundance

Nick Schober's feature length comedy screenplay, "GIVEN" was honored with the Grand Prize and a professional table read of the screenplay in Park City, UT during the Sundance Film Festival.  
read more »

Stuart Land - Grand Prize Winner, family category - Screenplay Festival

Stuart Land's, TODD MCCOY'S ADVENTURE WEST, just won the GRAND PRIZE in the family category of the SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL contest. This exciting story about a 12-year-old boy who gets thrown from a train in 1870s America when he discovers his...
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Rod Thompson Won Best Drama for The Squire

Rod Thompson's The Squire took home top prize in the January announcement of the top genre winners for the Table Read My Screenplay Competition, selected from over 1200 entrants.
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Joseph Downey Full Resume

2014Optioned television pilot The Exotic Detective to Voyage Media. 2013Table Read My Screenplay Competition Finalist 2013 TV Writing Competition. 2012Optioned screenplay The Rhino to AFFA. Currently in pre-production. Script Pipeline...
read more »

Jonathan LaPoma - Honorable Mention, 2014 Indie Gathering Film Festival

Three of Jonathan LaPoma's screenplays, The Way Back Home, Sofi's Journey, and La Tierra Que Yo Amo (Land That I Love) have won Honorable Mention in the 2014 Indie Gathering Film Festival. La Tierra Que Yo Amo (Land That I Love) was...
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Jeff York's The Scoundrels Club named a Script Pipeline top 20 script -2014

Jeff York's action adventure script that won the Grand Prize at the Table Read My Screenplay contest at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 has just been named one of the top finalists in the 2014 Script Pipeline screenwriting competition. There...
read more »

Jonathan LaPoma's THE WAY BACK HOME 3rd Place at Chicago Screenplay Contest

Jonathan LaPoma's multi-award-winning screenplay THE WAY BACK HOME has won another honor, taking 3rd place in the "Drama" category of the Chicago Screenplay Contest. THE WAY BACK HOME recently won Honorable Mention at the Indie...
read more »

Jeff York Two-Time Finalist at the 2014 Creative World Awards

The announcement of the first round of finalists for this year's Creative World Awards screenwriting contest has been made and Jeff York has two scripts in the running. His western "The Scoundrels Club" was named to the short list of...
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KT Parker's feature film script "The Measure of Love" was a semi-finalist in the Sundance Table Read My Screenplay Competition - January 2013.
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SHADOWMAN by Mike Miller Wins Grand Prize at Story Pros

Writer/Director Mike Miller's first feature screenplay, SHADOWMAN, and to be his feature directorial debut, recently won the GRAND PRIZE at the 2014 Story Pros Int'l Screenplay Contest and named Best Screenplay in the Drama category....
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Jonathan LaPoma's feature-length screenplay, THE WAY BACK HOME, is a finalist in the 2014 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest. This is the 7th honor the script has received in the past year, including the Grand Jury Prize at the 2014 Hollywood...
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Gary Files Table Read My Screenplay Semifinalist

Gary has found success through the Table Read My Screenplay competition with his screenplay "Simon Says" in the Hollywood 2015 contest, and with "The Great Frobisher"  at the Sundance, 2014 contest.
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Robert Coles' Ode To Freedom Places in Multiple Contests

Coles' co-written ODE TO FREEDOM, based on the life of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, placed as a finalist in the 2015 Reel Writers Screenplay contest; a quarter-finalist in the Screenwriting Goldmine contest (United Kingdom, 2014); a...
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Table Read My Screenplay Contest Park City - Winner Animated/Fantasy Cat.

Derek Asaff's animated/family film K-9 ACADEMY wins the animated/fantasy category at the 2014 Table Read My Screenplay Screenplay Contest Park City.
read more »

Irish Writer Niall Queenan Wins International Screenwriting Awards

October 2015, thriller NEXT OF KIN written by Niall Queenan won the Gold Prize in the Thriller/Horror category of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards in Hollywood, California. As a result, Niall was signed by producer/manager Peter Katz of...
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Malcolm Carter

The SLEEPERS, a short script by Malcolm Carter, was an semi-finalist selection for the Table Read My Screenplay contest. The sci-fi story placed in the top 100 out of over 1400 enties.
read more »

Robert Wooldridge's A HITCH IN THE PLAN makes Table Read's Semi-Finalist

After reaching 13th in Emerging Screenwriter's Competition Robert Wooldridge's A HITCH IN THE PLAN made Table Read My Screenplay's Semi-Finals.  The story is of a detective who enlists the help of a bookstore owner to help solve a...
read more »

Kelly Crawford's Script Doing Well in Contests

"Nine Scars" written by Kelly Crawford was named one of 10 finalists in the recent Spotlight Screenplay Competition sponsored by the International Screenwriters Association.  "Nine Scars" was just named a Semi-Finalist in...
read more »

Jeff Nimoy Gets TWO Screenplays into the Finals of Table Read My Screenplay

Jeff Nimoy's mob comedy "Degenerate Gamblers" and his animated feature "Lint" were both selected as finalists (Top 100 out of 1400 entries) for the 2015-16 Table Read My Screenplay-Screenplay Contest (Park City). In 2015...
read more »

John E. Bias reached the Semi Finals

John E. Bias has reached the top 100 out of 1400 entries with his short screenplay "Generation Killer" at the 2015-16 Table Read My Screenplay Park City Contest. "Generation Killer" is about an assassin that is sent back in time...
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Howard Fridkin

"The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze" wins the 2015 action/adventure category.
read more »

David Rocchio's script CANADIAN HOLIDAY advances to semi-finals

David Rocchio's script CANADIAN HOLIDAY advanced to the semi-finals in table read competition. CANADIAN HOLIDAY is a  Christmas comedy caper about a married couple rekindling love on an odd holiday.
read more »

Gabriela Garcia Medina, Semi Finalist at Table Read My Screenplay. Top 100!

Gabriela Garcia Medina's coming of age feature film "Little Con Lili" reaches Semi-Finalist status at the Table Read my Screenplay Competition, Park City, Utah. From over 1400 screenplays, Little Con Lili is in the Top 100 Round.
read more »

"Lemon Made" wins comedy category of 2015 TRMS contest Park City

 Lemon Made continues to find success outside of the "family friendly" category by winning Best Comedy Screenplay at the 2015 Table Read My Screenplay, Park City contest.  
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More contest success for Jeffrey Howe's "Robo4ce"

Robo4ce received Best Feature Screenplay honors at this year's SoCal Film Festival in Huntington Beach, CA. This came soon after it took the top spot in the Family category at the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest and was the Finalist for...
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Siovonne Smith

Just Announced: Siovonne Smith's epic Feature Screenplay "The Polish Medallion" was recently selected as a Top 100 Semi-Finalist in the 2015 - 2016 Table Read My Screenplay Contest - Park City (out of over 1400 entries).
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"The Scoundrels Club" named 2016 Screencraft Fellowship quarterfinalist

Jeff York's western "The Scoundrels Club" was named a quarterfinalist in the 2016 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship contest. In total, Jeff York had three scripts chosen for the quarterfinals this year. His dark comedy "Play...
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Robo4ce a finalist again for Jeffrey Howe

The screenplay for Robo4ce was a finalist at the Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver. This comes after it won Best Feature Screenplay at the SoCal Film Festival and the fantasy/animation category at Table Read My Screenplay (Park City)...
read more »

ISA podcast host Jeff York joins Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle

Jeff York, ISA member and host of the network's podcast "Page 2 Screen", has been invited to be a member of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle. He was recognized for his movie reviews for the Examiner online, his weekly blog...
read more »

Jeff York's "Incurable" script makes Screencraft Fellowship top finals

Jeff York's modern vampire tale "Incurable" made the top finals of the 2016 Screencraft Fellowship. He had another script listed additionally,"The Scoundrels Club", and that gave him the distinction of being the only writer...
read more »

Jeff York's "The Scoundrels Club" in top finals of Screencraft Fellowship

Jeff York's western adventure "The Scoundrels Club" made the top finals of the 2016 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship. It had previously figured in a number of screenwriting contests, most notably winning Best...
read more »

Jeff York's "The Scoundrels Club" in 2016 Screencraft Fellowship semifinals

Jeff York's western "The Scoundrels Club" was named a semifinalist in the 2016 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship contest. Jeff also had his horror script "Incurable" named to the same semifinals this year. "The...
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"Snowman" Feature - Semi-Finalist 2015 Table Read My Screenplay

"The Snowman", a feature written by Nick Cammilleri and David Macfarlane, was a finalist in the 2015 Table Read My Screenplay Competition. 
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MARY DESANTIS wins Best Fantasy Script, 2015 TableReadMyScreenplay Contest!

Placing in the TOP 10 out of nearly 1,000 entries worldwide, Mary DeSantis's script, Ashling, beat out all other entries to claim the BEST SCREENPLAY IN THE FANTASY CATEGORY at the 2015 Table Read My Screenplay Contest, January 2015...
read more »

Jeff York's TV pilot of "The Scoundrels Club" is a WeTV quarterfinalist

Jeff York's western "The Scoundrels Club" won the Grand Prize in the Table Read My Screenplay contest in 2013, and now the TV adaptation of it has placed in the quarterfinals of the 2016 WeTV television pilot contest. Some of the...
read more »

Selene Castrovilla named a Semi-Finalist in Table Read My Screenplay

Award-winning young adult and children's author Selene Castrovilla has turned screenwriter, and her adaptation 'The Girl Next Door' is a Table Read My Screenplay - Park City Semi-Finalist! This is the fourth acknowledgment for this...
read more »

Birgit Myaard's post-9/11 dramatic thriller makes TRMS Park City's top 100

Birgit Myaard's dramatic thriller, 'True Blue Widow', in which a young Afghan-American woman turns CIA spy to infiltrate al Qaeda and avenge the deaths of her parents who died in the 9/11 attacks, is one of the top 100 semi-finalists in...
read more »

'The Main America' by Antwan W. McKnight - TRMS Park City

Antwan W. McKnight's script 'The Main America' has been chosen as a top 100 semi-finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay - Park City 2017. 
read more »

Kelly Beck-Byrnes is a Semifinalist Table Read My Screenplay PARK CITY

Kelly Beck-Byrnes screenplay 'Glitches' made the semifinals for Table Read My Screenplay - Park City. In consideration for finals, which will be announced on January 5th 2017.
read more »

Travis Opgenorth's thriller 'The Poacher' Hits The Mark

Travis Opgenorth's African set action-thriller feature 'The Poacher' just bagged the 2nd place prize in the Table Read My Screenplay (Park City) contest. The script also knotched a semi-finalist finish in the Wescreenplay Diverse Voices...
read more »

"Drone World" takes 7th Place in Table Read My Screenplay 2017 - Park City

Dianna Zimmerman's script "Drone World" has taken 7th place in the Park City Table Read My Screenplay Competition!
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Marni Sullivan's screenplay selected for Sundance Table Read

Marni Sullivan's screenplay, 'Syvertsen's Complex', was selected as the Grand Prize Winner for the Table Read My Screenplay 2017- Park City contest.
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Back-to-Back to Start 2017

After winning an invitation to Sundace via a 2nd place finish in the ISA sponsored Table Read My Screenplay contest, Travis Opgenorth's 'The Poacher' has placed 2nd in the ScreenCraft Action/Thriller contest.
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The Celtic-mythology-based epic fantasy adventure script 'Ashling' has been adapted to novel format at the suggestion of the Irish Film Board. If the novel garners a popular fan base, the Irish Film Board has expressed an interest in producing the...
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Winner of the 2018 Table Read My Screenplay Competition

Josh Sorokach's comedy pilot CLEAN SLATE won the 2018 Table Read My Screenplay Competition. A live reading of the script took place at the Sundance Film Festival.
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Craig James Pietrowiak, the founder of the International Screenwriters' Association (ISA) is an award winning writer, director and producer (and avid CUBS fan) grew up on the north side of Chicago and graduated from Northern Illinois University. After his TV pilot "Wrigleyville" was noticed by a major Hollywood agency, which lead to literary representation, Pietrowiak moved to Los Angeles where he chose to stay. After some time in LA, finding difficulty in uncovering helpful resources to develop the craft, he started the International Screenwriters' Association in 2008 to make it easier for screenwriters to find the tools necessary to connect to the industry and launch their career. Pietrowiak's recent focus has been on the expansion of the ISA and growth of its international membership, as well as his filmmaking and acting career.

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Genre: Action/Adventure

I can't say that I've ever experienced a script or film about Canadian political espionage before. For that alone, I thought that this script had a uniquely engaging subject matter. While I might have heard rumblings about Quebec's separatist factions, this script digs deep into the divergence of the political philosophies in that part of Canada. Essentially, there are those who wish Quebec to be self-governed and separate from the rest of the country, and those who wish to keep Canada united under one national banner. Somewhere caught in the middle is Patrick, our protagonist. Clearly, Patrick falls on the side of the Alliance for a Unified Canada, but when he is being used as a pawn for their less-than-above-the-board leadership, his return to his RCMP roots is inevitable. I liked that the writer had a pretty clear way of presenting the political dichotomy, and also that he did a good job of showing that Patrick was between a rock and a hard place. As a protagonist, Patrick worked for me, because he didn't relish his return to police espionage, but I believed that he didn't have much of a choice, and that his motives for involvement as a sort-of spy were pure. In other words, I trusted him - which, I would assume, is exactly what the writer was going for.


I also thought that the writer was quite inventive in his creation of death devices. I loved that the rifles were controlled by scopes and remotes embedded in cameras. In this way, there didn't even have to be anyone touching the guns in order for them to perform their assassination. Also, this gave plenty of great opportunities for the devices to be used to different ends. The final showdown between English, the political figures, and Patrick, the writer makes great use of these guns in the action. I thought that this scene was really well-paced and well-timed in its placement within the script. The description kept the action clear, and it was fun to follow.


I would have liked to see a bit more action earlier in the script, though. I didn't feel a strong sense of danger for Patrick until the last 25 pages of the screenplay. I think that one way to heighten the tension would be to do some work on Munroe's credibility. Since Patrick is already aware, from his run-in at the train station, that English killed Simon, it isn't much of a stretch for the reader to instantly cotton-on to the fact that Munroe must be in cahoots. When this is revealed in a straightforward manner to the reader, I think that any reader would already know this fact from earlier context clues. I think that he writer could have made this collusion between Munroe and English more of a surprise. I'd rather see this as a powerful revelation, and a useful turning point in the plot. As it is currently written, I feel that it lacks the power for which it has potential.


Besides this, I feel that the writer didn't do the necessary work in the plot to maximize the presence of Monique in Patrick's life. Although we meet her in the second act as a waitress who piques Patrick's interest, her agency in the events of the plot are minimal until the very last moment. There isn't any work done by the writer to develop a relationship or a connection between these two characters. When Patrick asks Monique to take him out on the town, I felt that this was coming out of nowhere, and was slowing down the action of the main plot. In the middle of all this life-threatening danger, Patrick was dragging a cute waitress into the action? Why would he lose focus like this at such a vital moment? I felt that their relationship and their trust should have been developed in the first act, or at least earlier in the second act to make her involvement carry more weight. In this draft, when she is revealed as an agent, the double-cross doesn't hold much emotional punch. Patrick barely knows her, and we have no sense that she has earned his trust before she turns around and betrays him. In other words, I didn't feel any disappointment, but I think that I should have.

Finally, I had a hard time getting into the story in the beginning, because I was confused by the writer's choice to cut between Patrick's classroom in 1991, and actions that English performs in 1990. I didn't understand why the timeline was shuffled in this manner, or in what way this was benefitting the telling of the plot. Also, I thought that Patrick's lesson on the political unrest in Quebec went on too long. It is usually not beneficial to start off an action film with too much of a history lesson. I had to trudge through these opening scenes before I was able to settle in and enjoy the rest of the story.