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Dec 30, 2016


Jan 27, 2017

Finalists (Top 25)

Feb 17, 2017


Mar 10, 2017

WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition


Our mission is to provide industry exposure to feature screenwriters who are looking to have their stories told. Therefore this year's winner will be distributed to 30+ production companies and meet with these 3 amazing mentors: Dave Green is the director of Earth to Echo and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Tracy Mercer is the VP of Development for Morgan Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment. Carter Stanton is the Director of Development at Brookstreet Pictures.


  • Cash Prize of $1,000
  • Distribution to Producers, Agents, and Managers
  • 1-year ScriptNoted – SN One Subscription
  • Free course on pitching from GOOD IN A ROOM
  • LA-Screenwriter Personal Logline Mentor
  • Save the Cat! Book and software
  • ISA Connect Membership
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter
  • Storyboard Development Group
  • 1 WeScreenplay Premium Coverage on any script
  • 2 WeScreenplay Full Coverages on any scripts
  • 5 WeScreenplay Basic Coverages on any scripts
  • Inktip 6-month Hosting & Magazine Listing
  • 20% off anything WeScreenplay for Life

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Feedback Type Description


1.     Screenplays entered must:

a.     Be screenplays that are a minimum of 60 pages. (All scripts under 60 pages will be accepted, read, and considered through the finalist round – but cannot win one of the top 3 prizes)

b.     Not include the writer’s or writing team’s name or contact information on any page of the script including the title page.

c.     Include a title page with no name(s) of the writer or writing team.

d.     Be submitted in PDF form and must fit all standard screenplay format guidelines. Personal formatting conventions will be accepted but must not intentionally or accidentally alter the page count of the project as determined by the judges. A rule of thumb, if your script is formatted properly and under 120 pages, it will likely not be more than 23,000 words.

e.     Be owned solely by the writer or writing team listed. It may be an adaptation or reimagining of true events or fictional stories.

f.      Be written in English. However, scripts from anywhere in the world will be accepted.

g.     Have pages numbered. Scripts of any length will be accepted for an additional fee, but we’d advise that scripts over 160 pages should be edited down before being submitted.

2.     Screenplays entered may be in any genre or combination of genres. All will be treated equally and read by an unbiased panel of judges.

3.     Entrant’s total earnings for screenwriting for either film or tv, produced or unproduced, must not exceed $35,000 in the previous 18 months from submission. This excludes any prize money from competitions or fellowships and only applies to fund or money transferred in exchange for an option or sale of a script, treatment, idea, intellectual property, or other writing for filming. Money earned from acting, directing, producing, or any other film work outside of writing is not included.

4.     Screenplays submitted must not have been previously sold or produced unless said sale or production was competed with no financial gain to the writer.

5.     For a submission to be valid it must be accompanied with the appropriate payment based on the submission deadlines.

6.     Purchasing Judge’s Feedback, Basic Coverage, or Full Coverage will in no way impact the scoring of the screenplay or its chances of winning or placing in the competition.

7.     All deadlines are at 11:59pm PST on the date listed. Any deadline alteration or promotion of any kind does not make any entry valid of a refund of any kind.

8.     RESUBMISSIONS will be accepted. Resubmissions will be at the $15 off the full price of the current deadline if coverage was purchased and regular price otherwise, and will be re-scored by two new judges. You may resubmit up to ONE TIME per contest.

9.     Judge’s Notes and Coverage will provide you with $15 off a resubmission of that script.

10.  There are no refunds for any submitted screenplay. Coupons may not be applied to previously submitted scripts. Coupons deemed for WeScreenplay coverage may not be used for submission to the contest or addition of coverage to any submission unless explicitly stated or exempted on the coupon or by a WeScreenplay representative via e-mail communication only.

11.  There is no limit on the number of scripts a writer or writing team may submit.

12.  Prizes are award per script and teams of writers are expected to divide prizes on their own accord. WeScreenplay will send prizes to the writer who submits the project and will in no way be responsible for how the prizes are distributed among the writing teams.

13.  The decision of the judges will be final and cannot be contested in any manner. There is no score on a scorecard that guarantees advancement to the next level as advancement will be based on all score in the competition.

14.  Scorecards will be distributed to each script within a week of elimination from the competition, but early distribution does not necessarily indicate placement in the contest. Feedback and Coverage will ideally be distributed between 2 and 3 weeks following submission, but this is not guaranteed. We only guarantee that coverage will be provided before the Quarter Finalist Announcement.

15.  WeScreenplay reserves the right to delay announcements for any reason. Delay may last up to but never more than 90 days. While we never anticipate any delays, such delays will not alter the standing of any screenplay entry and will qualify no script for a refund under any circumstance.

16.  By entering the WeScreenplay contest every entrant is agreeing to all WeScreenplay Terms and Conditions listed and available before checkout. If you disagree with any terms you may not submit to the contest.

17.  By submitting to the contest you are releasing your script to WeScreenplay and holding harmless WeScreenplay or any affiliates from any claims, expenses, and liabilities, including but not limited to invasion of privacy, defamation, copyright, libel, trademark infringement, slander, personal property infringement, etc.

18.  Any prize winners will be required to sign an affidavit validating their entry into the contest.

19.  Any cash prize winners of over $599 will be required to file a W-9 before the cash prize is distributed.

20.  All prizes provided by sponsors or mentors are subject to said sponsor or mentor providing the prize. WeScreenplay will do everything in its power to collect the prize packages promised, but is not responsible for a sponsor’s failed delivery.

21.  The mentorship means that the industry executive has agreed to read your script in full and will meet with you or take a phone call to discuss your script and writing career. The mentor may extend their contact information for further discussions, but that is completely dependent on what is best between the mentor and the writer.

22.  Any winners may have their name, script title, and picture used for any WeScreenplay promotions or promotions of our sponsors or affiliates.

23.  Former Grand Prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize Winners of the contest may enter so long as it is NOT the same script that won in a previous year. Any other placement in former years does not disqualify the script from being entered this year.


What is the difference between Judges' Score Cards, Judges' Notes, Basic Coverage, and Full Coverage?


Judges' Score Cards -  These will be returned FREE with every entry into the contest. They will give you a numerical ranking on different elements or your submitted script. Every entry will receive at least one score card, but scripts that move further along in the contest may receive additional score cards as they continue to get more reads from judges.


Judges' Notes - This will cost an additional $25 and be about 2 pages of notes from your first round Judge on what worked and what didn't. The notes will contain areas that the writer could work on and some possible recommendations.


Basic Coverage - This will cost an additional $45 and be our famous  5+ pages of detail notes. This coverage is normally amazingly priced at $65, so adding it to your submission is an excellent value.   The coverage takes a detailed look at Characters, Plot, Strucutre, Format, Dialogue, and Concept of the script along with any overall thoughts.


Full coverage - This will cost an additional $65 and include everything in the Basic Coverage plus a logline suggestion, a 2-4 page synopsis of the plot, and a Marketability discussion. this coverage is normally amazingly priced at $85, so adding it to your submission is an excellent value. (Marketability will not be considered as part of the judging standards for the competition).


Does it make a difference if I enter through ISA or WeScreenplay?

Absolutely not. You may enter here or at  However, know that the $5 discount only applies to ISA.


What kind of scripts win WISC?

All genres are competitive. Last year a Period-Piece won Grand Prize, an Action-Comedy won 2nd, and a Drama won 3rd. We accept all genres and all are evaluated based on the merits of that genre. Any good story will have a fair shot at winning.


What if my script is over 120 pages?

Scripts over 120 pages must be submitted specifically through the WeScreenplay website at There is an extra $1 per page charge. If you script is over 150 pages, please e-mail and we will provide you with a discount on the additional pages.


What about TV scripts?

Unfortunately, this contest is designed to promote feature writers so we do not accept TV scripts.



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Quaterfinalist in the WISC screenwriters competition
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THE GREY WOLF, an action/political thriller set in modern-day Russia and featuring a Delta Force commando, made quarterfinalist for the 2014 WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition. 
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Michelle Daniel's "DREAMWALKERS", a sci-fi about a top-secret Department of Defense security endeavor that merges human minds with advanced computing technology, was a finalist in the 8th annual StoryPros International Contest, a...
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script "THE OUTCASTS" advances as a Quarterfinalist in the Wescreenplay International Screenwriting Competition for 2015.  This contest is still ongoing.  Also, WILDSOUND FESTIVAL promoted "THE OUTCASTS" on their review...
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Eve Noel, Quarterfinalist at WeScreenplay

Noel's scripts, "The Outcasts", advances as a quarterfinalist in the 2015 WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition. The contest is still ongoing, so more to come on "The Outcasts" and how it fares in latter rounds.
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Brett Riley's CANDY'S FIRST KISS Places at WeScreenplay ISC

Candy's First Kiss by Brett Riley has won an Honorable Mention at the 2014 WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition. This script previously placed at the 2014 versions of the New York Screenplay Contest, the London Film Awards...
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Eric Fisher's sci-fi script lands as official finalist in competition

Eric Fisher's sci-fi screenplay UNIVERSAL ESCAPADE made it into the top 25 in the 2014 WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition. 
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Special Ops earns semi-finalist in WeScreenplay

Steph Greegor's thriller SPECIAL OPS earns semi-finalist in WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition.
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Robert Rhyne's "Passing Through" wins 3rd place in WeScreenplay

Robert Rhyne's screenplay "Passing Through" won third place in the 2015 We International Screenplay Competition. "Passing Through" was previously selected as a finalist in the Austin Film Festival and a...
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Multiple Contest Wins - 7+ scripts

*see for details of all contest wins & placements for all scripts:   • EVANGELINA - OPTIONED: GRAND PRIZE WINNER (StoryPros Int'l) + finalist in 7 other contests; • THE TREASURE GALLEONS: WINNER (LA Lift-Off Film...
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2 wins, 8 placements - action/adventure

THE TREASURE GALLEONS - feature - historical family adventure: LA Lift-Off Film Festival - WINNER Back-in-the-Box - WINNER WeScreenplay - Finalist Tableread My Screenplay - Semi-Finalist ScreenCraft Family-Friendly -...
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Robert Coles' Ode To Freedom Places in Multiple Contests

Coles' co-written ODE TO FREEDOM, based on the life of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, placed as a finalist in the 2015 Reel Writers Screenplay contest; a quarter-finalist in the Screenwriting Goldmine contest (United Kingdom, 2014); a...
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Ranger Creed Marches Forward

Travis Opgenorth's latest feature script, Ranger Creed, is on the march as it clears the Quarterfinals hurdle in its very first contest entry, the WeScreenplay Intl. Screenwriting Competition.
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Kelly Crawford's Script Doing Well in Contests

"Nine Scars" written by Kelly Crawford was named one of 10 finalists in the recent Spotlight Screenplay Competition sponsored by the International Screenwriters Association.  "Nine Scars" was just named a Semi-Finalist in...
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Robert Wooldridge's THE BOAT a quarter-finalist

THE BOAT was named as a Quarter-Finalist in WE Screenplay Competition.  The Boat is set in 1965, Riviera, Texas, where a closeted gay teen, struggling with his sexuality, helps his mother build a boat after she has a vision of the...
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THE FLID SHOW, Richard Willett's story of a charismatic, belligerent English nightclub singer born with flipper-like arms because his pregnant mother took the drug thalidomide, is a quarter-finalist in the 2016 WeScreenplay International...
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Semi Caravan

The We Screenplay International Screenwriting Competition just announced their Semifinalists, and Travis Opgenorth's Ranger Creed is among them.  Travis also received news recently that his short film project, Lunacy, was among the...
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Geoff Holder's THE DRAGON RIDER is a sci-fi epic which pitches dragons versus aliens.     A disaffected psychic discovers she has been chosen by a great Dragon to lead the human resistance against an overwhelming alien invasion. But...
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Suttle followed his Second Runner Up, Best Script Award at the 2015 Beverly Hills Film Festival with an Award of Excellence, 2015 NYLA International Film Festival and an Award of Merit, 2015 Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. In addition Fire...
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Travis Opgenorth's RANGER CREED Honored

Happy to see my feature script Ranger Creed received an Honorable Mention in the 2015 WeScreenplay Contest. Congrats to the top writers.  
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June Escalante's Top Ten Winner

THE LODGER, June Escalante's thriller screenplay has been chosen as a Top Ten Winner in the 2015 Wescreenplay Screenwiting Contest. This is one of many top ten wins for this script.
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THE DRAGON RIDER by Geoff Holder wins Honorable Mention in WISC

Geoff Holder's sci-fi THE DRAGON RIDER gains Honorable Mention (4th Place) in the WeScreenplay International Screenplay Competition.  A few comments from the judges:"This is a terrific piece that does an excellent job of making...
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 Tony Heaver-Wren's feature script "Victor" has been honoured as a Finalist in two contests:  *   the 2015 WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition (top 10); and *   the LA New Wave's Fall...
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Kelly Beck-Byrnes finalist WE Screenplay Diverse Voices

Kelly Beck-Byrnes is in the running as a finalist in the 2016 Diverse Voices competition with her screenplay "Glitches" This script is now in consideration for the Grand Prize.
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Ruben Bush's 'BLACKOUT.COM' Semi-finalist in WeScreenplay Feature Contest

Ruben Bush's screenplay 'BLACKOUT.COM' has recently been named a semi-finalist in the WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Contest (Winter 2016). This original drama placed out of approximately one thousand entrants. This was the...
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Courtney Suttle's script, 'Fire on Ice', was recently selected as a semi-finalist in the 2016 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest, the 2016 Vail Screenplay Contest and the 2016 WeScreenplay International Screenwriting...
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'The Poacher' Hauls In 4 More Top Finishes

Travis Opgenorth's African-set action-thriller 'The Poacher' took home four top finishes in March bringing the script's total tally to SIX finalist finishes or better. The four recent marks are: Runner-Up - SoCal Screenplay...
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Jeza Belle's Short Screenplay Diverse Voices Winner

Jeza Belle's 'Song of Cheer Again' recently won WeScreenPlay's Diverse Voices contest in the Short Screenplay category.  This contest is committed to "promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories" in Hollywood and had close to...
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HORSE UP A TREE - successes

In addition to the contest awards listed under "Awards," the following 2018 contests: Harlem IFF- 3rd place; Firefly Film Comp -1st place; New York City Indie Film - Silver; Snowdance Film Awards - 1st place; Mindfield FF - Gold; Pinnacle Film...
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