With Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger


Is Your Script a "Bit of a Fixer Upper?"


How does a screenplay that seems to ditch all the formulas that Disney has relied on for generations turn into the highest grossing animated film of all time?


And how can you harness the same organic approach that made Frozen so successful to break free of the formulas that are holding back your writing?


In this new Seminar with Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger, you'll learn how Frozen scribe, Jennifer Lee, managed to transcend the formulas in "the most conventional genre of them all."


Learn 7 Act Structure


Using Frozen as a model, you'll learn to use Seven Act Structure to harness the natural beauty that already exists in your writing, and organically shape your character's journey into a form to which anyone can connect.


Whether you're a new writer, an old pro or a fan of Frozen who wants to understand its structure, this Seminar will forever change the way you view writing, and your own creative journey as a writer.