Script Reader Pro are running a discount for all NetworkISA members on their downloadable screenwriting course, Script Hackr.

Forget all the confusing and vague *fluff* found in most screenwriting courses, coverage and books. Script Hackr will skyrocket your screenwriting skills by utilizing rarely talked about hacks and hands-on practical exercises to de-mystify theory. The course retails at $299 but networkISA members can get it for just $149.

Chris Arter, Filmmaker, USA:
"I bought the course and i loved it! I was exactly the demographic you described in the pitch. I've read a ton on screenwriting, but was frustrated with all the vague suggestions. Your course has been a total light bulb."

Paul Zeidman, Screenwriter, Blogger, USA:
"While there are countless screenwriting books out there, I can't think of anything like Script Hackr. The course gets complex screenwriting theories across in a very easy-to-understand manner. Even though it is at heart a learning tool, it never really feels too academic; more like a workshop where the staff knows exactly what they're talking about.