"Richard Walter is the best screenwriting teacher in the business."
David Koepp, screenwriter & director

"Richard Walter is a prominent film expert."
The New York Times

"Richard Walter is the Jewish Mother of Screenwriting."

"The prime broker for Hollywood’s hottest commodity: new writing talent."
The Wall Street Journal


An intensive two-day lecture/seminar/workshop for new and experienced film and television writers, agents, producers, executives, directors, actors and all people who care about film, television, and new media.

Scripts that sell are those that tell a compelling story. Story structure is important, but writing a movie is different from assembling a child’s tricycle. Beyond structure there is magic, wonder, laughter, fear, awe, affirmation, motion and more.

You’ve taken seminars but you’re still not writing, or you’re writing but your scripts don’t work.

By popular demand, here is an opportunity to study with America’s premier screenwriting educator. More than any freeze-dried formula for instant trillion-dollar success. Beyond connect-the-dots and paint-by-the-numbers, this seminar stimulates and expands writers horizons from curiosity through imagination to passion. Other seminars look back what worked for other screenwriters in other scripts. This seminar looks forward to what will work for you in your script.

Story, character, identity, dialogue, scene, theme, and setting, in-class exercises treating story crafting, scene analysis, pitching, conflict, networking.

Emotional strategies and attitudes including supporting your writing habit, writers’ block and tackle, ego, criticism, rejection, ecstasy, heartache, survival and much, much more.

Attend this two day seminar that motivates, empowers, liberates, and enables writers to write their own best script.

Part of Day Two will include reviewing the first page of scripts from as many writers in the class as we are able to cover, extrapolating principles from hands-on writing experience. If you would like your script to be included then please upload it via the Sign Up form below. 

There will also be a short Q&A at the end of each day. 

Please email us at contact with any questions.