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30-Day Screenwriting Challenge Unlimited


30 Days to finish your screenplay! Think you can do it?
We do. And we've set up steps, assignments, and objectives to help you do so.

Join your fellow writers and take the 30-Day Challenge. Our industry is evolving and the competition is steep. It's time that you learn how to develop a script as quickly as possible, but also how to make that script worthy of submission.

With the ISA's 30-Day Screenwriting Challenge Unlimited, you'll have the tools to not only finish a script in 30 days, but to receive the most comprehensive education on the screenwriting and entertainment business. You will have lifetime access to the content and thus be able to utilize the lessons and assignments for as many personal 30-Day Challenges as you like. For only $99, it's the most inexpensive and extensive program in the industry.

Get Ready to Write!

Let's make this simple. 
We need to be writing every day. Writers need to know how to utilize their time, and how to get the most out of their writing sessions. Most of us have day jobs, parenting responsibilities, or extra-curricular promises that tend to chip away at the available hours of every day, much less the so-called creative energy it takes to sit our butts down and crank out our next story. Like any other creative or business venture, you need a plan AND a finite goal even before you sit down to do the work. With the 30-Day Screenwriting Challenge Unlimited, we have not only set up such a plan and goal, but we've given you a structured framework within which you will be able to approach the completion of a screenplay (feature or TV) in 30 days or less. In this 30-Day Challenge, we are giving you a series of written lectures, audio recordings, assignments, and daily inspiration that will get you organized, prepared, and working. It's all here for you, but now it's up to you to get the work done.

Are you up to the challenge? We think you are.
The instructions, assignments, written lectures and audio recordings have been created and designed by the ISA's Max Timm and his Story Farm Development and Coaching Service.

Let the Challenge Begin!

If you're looking for more long-term support from Max and the ISA, you can inquire about Max's year-long Personal Coaching and Development Service called The Story Farm - designed to get your material not only industry-ready, but submitted to the ISA's industry contacts. Space is very limited, and per application only, but it is the most comprehensive, support and feedback-oriented one-on-one consulting service you will find, anywhere, period.

The ISA Development Slate

Your material could also be evaluated by the ISA per their Development Program. Check out the Development Program Evaluation here on




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Online Class Information

Max Timm

After two years at the Holy Cross College at the University of Notre Dame, swimming through a Liberal Arts major and watching football, Max discovered the art of filmmaking and transferred to Columbia College Chicago. He majored in screenwriting and producing at Columbia, and eventually found himself dizzy within the entertainment capital, Los Angeles. After multiple assistant positions at film distribution and advertising companies, Max stumbled upon Writers Boot Camp (WBC) in Santa Monica, CA. Graduating from its Professional Membership in 2007, Max was asked to stay with WBC as a Membership Coordinator and Instructor. After six years, working his way up to Creative Director and Director of Development, Max worked with thousands of writers on their screenplays and novels, as well as personally consulted A-List celebrities.

Both a screenwriter and novelist, Max has created a lifelong relationship with writing. His focus is within the realms of Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, as well as movies geared toward family entertainment. He still believes James Howe's Bunnicula series is one of the finest middle grade series ever written, and that Mr. Howe's book, "The Celery Stalks at Midnight", may very well be the best book title ever.


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