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FAST Screenplay -- Step by Step from Idea to the Sale


FAST screenplay is more than a "class". It's an ongoing SYSTEM that starts at the very beginning of the PROCESS, and guides you step by step through absolutely everything you need to know, DO, and master... to turn your ideas into unique, ORIGINAL (non-formulaic), page-turner screenplays producers can actually USE... and then take those screenplays all the way to the sale.


1.) You'll start with the SETUP -- the preparation for the journey ahead. You'll discover simple techniques to identify your passion, conquer writer's block and beat procrastination. You'll learn how to find story everywhere, and how to handle the potential overwhelm. Then we'll look at the industry's needs, the how and why of formatting, the basics of genre and budget and audience expectation. And when it's all swirling in your mind:


2.) You'll continue with story development -- the FOCUS Phase. Here you'll discover an organic process for story development. We'll identify your unique passion and how to create an infinite array of stories -- then you'll choose the perfect one, and expand it into a compelling screen story. You'll build characters and plot your story, and then flesh it out in extraordinary detail. We'll find subplots and design subtext and create a world audiences will love. And then we'll turn it all into a detailed roadmap which will guide your writing.


3.) Then you'll write your first draft in the APPLY Phase. You'll learn speed writing techniques that tap your creative subconscious and discover the secrets to staying on target, rather than letting your creativity derail you. You'll go step by step to the most powerful first draft you've ever written.


4.) With a draft, you'll rewrite with the STRENGTHEN Phase. You'll discover the most powerful approach to rewriting ever devised. You'll learn how to analyze your work objectively, and how to use the 6 levels of every screenplay to move through your rewrite "from broad to narrow". You'll learn to write for the 3 audiences, and exactly what to do when small changes at one end of your story completely unravel the other areas. You'll learn how to loop through the rewrite so you can create new drafts with increasing ease and efficiency. You'll dig into the dialogue and subplots and characters to craft a story that is solid and compelling. In the end, you'll have the story you wanted to tell.


5.) Next, you'll polish it into a page-turner in the TWEAK Phase. With a solid draft, you're ready to do what most writers try to do at the start: craft a compelling read. You'll learn how to create pages that pop, and a raft of techniques to guide the reader's eye down the page. You'll discover the secret to crafting a page-turner, and how to polish your work to create a cinema experience they can't put down.


6.) Then, you'll get notes and feedback in the ALIGNMENT Phase. Here's the secret to screenwriting success: You must align your passion with their needs. Here, you'll learn how to keep your vision intact while adapting your work to meet any producer's exact needs. You'll discover an enormous array of tools to get and use feedback from any source. You'll learn how to interpret feedback to address what they're really asking for -- even when they can't express it themselves. You'll know what to keep and what to ignore, and you'll fly through the rewrite to a production-ready screenplay.


7.) Finally, you'll map out your unique path to the sale in the PAYOFF Phase. Using the skills you've developed throughout the system, you'll turn them to the marketing process. You'll develop powerful loglines, compelling synopses, irresistable pitches, and the secret to grabbing their attention: the "promise progression". You'll identify your project's ideal producer and craft a path to the sale that's unique to your project. You'll discover whole new ways to succeed within the new screenwriting reality (hint: look beyond Hollywood), and the step by step path to making it happen. We offer the unique perspective of the person looking for material, so you'll avoid the pitfalls and discover precisely how to "think outside the box". In the end, you'll have a step by step path to the sale and a whole new vision of where to go with your next project.


When you're finished with your first project, you've learned by EXPERIENCE -- by taking an idea all the way to the sale. Now you're ready for the real magic: Adapting the system to your own unique style, and applying it on new projects. With the help of the FASTtrack -- a series of steps you've learned throughout the system -- you will then "fly through" the process on each new project. The steps become simple actions to take, and you can "zoom in" on whatever detail your new project needs.


As you dig deeper into the system, writing compelling, effective stories producers can really use, you begin to write intuitively.


Please note: This is a year-long process (The $79 price you see in the listing is the monthly cost of improving your work through FAST Screenplay). It takes about 3 months to learn the FAST Story Development process (the Setup and Focus phases), and between 8 and 12 months to learn the complete system (all 7 phases) -- and you can stop and start at any time. When you have completed the system, you will be able to consistently develop market-ready screenplays in as little as 1-2 months.


Remember: Screenplays only exist to be turned into films. The goal is NOT to churn out half-baked stories or unusuable screenplays quickly. The goal is to master the process, so you can turn your unique voice and vision into compelling screenplays producers can actually use. Tap into your passion and enjoy the process!

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We've been building FAST Screenplay for nearly six years. The core system is complete, with a 100% success rate to date. But we're now in post-production on a series of videos that will SET UP the process to ensure you succeed. When the video series is finished (and posted to the FAST Screenplay YouTube Channel, we will formally "launch" FAST Screenplay.

If you join today, you'll be supporting our ongoing efforts -- and getting a head start on the competition. As a thank-you for your Unlimited Lifetime Access participation, we will give you one FREE professional screenplay evaluation (with detailed notes and one-on-one feedback) when you complete the Alignment Phase, BEFORE you submit your work to producers and production companies in Payoff Phase.

(This service used to cost $495, and is no longer available publicly. Please hurry, as this offer is limited to 10 participants.)

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Jeff Bollow is an award-winning producer/director, best-selling author, film festival organizer and TEDx speaker. He is the author of Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed, co-author of Apple's iLife 08 Training Series, and producer/director of the ATOM Award-winning DVD Making Fantastic Short Films.


Jeff began as an actor at age 12 in his native Los Angeles (credits include Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and TV'sColumbo) before working nearly every job in production, from camera to sound to lighting — and including jobs in development, post-production and distribution. He has worked on feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, radio, and corporate productions for companies such as Universal, Castle Rock, Propaganda Films, DNA and the Oxygen Network.


After migrating to New Zealand, where he directed television for TV3 and co-founded the Big Mountain Short Film Festival, he moved to Australia, where he launched Embryo Films and Through his company, Jeff has reviewed over 25,000 project submissions, and has edited, assessed and/or mentored over 550 projects. He has script doctored in Singapore, Australia, NZ and the US; and has conducted over 80 live weekend workshops to over 1200 writers in 9 cities in 5 countries, with a unanimous "recommend" approval rating.


In May 2015, he delivered a TED talk at TEDxDocklands in Melbourne, Australia, called "EXPAND YOUR IMAGINATION... EXPONENTIALLY". Jeff believes that technology is pushing forward faster than our imagination is keeping up with it. To survive and thrive in the decades ahead, we need to expand our imagination as well. A MUST-WATCH for writers.


Jeff's students have been optioned, produced, won and placed in competitions worldwide. He designed FAST Screenplay in 2004, and began officially building it in 2009. Its official launch is set for November 2015. When he's not busy with FAST, he is working on a new book, developing a television series, and planning two feature film projects.