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The Story Farm Intensive - 4-Month Webinar Workshop


Start 2020 (and a new decade!) with a bang by joining Max Timm and his Story Farm consulting and coaching in his first ever webinar-based class and development intensive. The Story Farm has been, for the past three years, an extensive one-on-one coaching service for writers looking to up their game, hone their craft, and develop multiple, industry-ready scripts in a year or less. Over 15 writers have garnered options, representation, or major contest wins and placements because of working with Max and The Story Farm (just since 2017).

Max and The Story Farm were game-changers for me. Max kept me on point every week
to hit deadlines and push myself creatively. I went from writing decent scripts that no one read, to crafting
fully fleshed out stories with a clear voice that have been read by multiple studios. The Story Farm is a wise
investment for anyone looking to take their writing to the next level.
~ Danny Smith

With Max's first webinar-based consulting option, here is what you will receive - and there are add-on options for those of you looking for even more support and development during the session time frame:

For $499 you receive:

  • 2.5-hour live and recorded webinar sessions every other week covering educational lectures, coursework explanations, in-class idea reviews and feedback, and Q&A (session begins Saturday, January 25 at 10:30am PST, and follows every other week thereafter)
  • Weekly email advice and tips via written and video content
  • A review of your First 20 pages of your script, or your proposed pitch/one-page/logline will be done via a one-on-one phone call before sessions begin (immediate scheduling of the call will be done upon your enrollment)
  • Full read and evaluation of your script at the end of the 4-month session
  • A copy of Max's book on screenwriting, (Not Just) Another Book on The Craft of Screenwriting
  • Free online coursework - 12 weeks of lectures and assignments (immediate access to the coursework given upon enrollment)

Writers can work on a TV series or a Feature. You can bring in a previous script that needs to be rewritten, or a new idea to finish in a four-month time frame. You will be guided through the online coursework and assignments in order to help you develop your script to a point that within four months it will be ready for submission (to contests, industry pro's, et al).

Available Add-Ons for writers looking for even more support during the 4-month session.

For an additional $799 you receive: (for the add-on options, please inquire with - he will provide you instructions on how to purchase the add-ons):

  • All of the above session benefits, plus...
  • Bi-weekly, one-on-one development calls with Max where he will read and review the ongoing development of your project every step of the way. Coaching calls will occur on the non-class session weeks (ie. every other week)
  • One industry pro (executive, manager, producer, etc) will read the first 20 pages of your script at the end of your 4-month session. Written notes will be provided. This is an excellent way to receive direct industry feedback on your material.

If you wish to purchase individual one-on-one calls without adding on the full $799 package, you may book your time with Max for $125 per call. This one-call add-on process does not include the industry executive read. There is no time minimum or maximum for the scheduled calls. We work through the development of your material to get it to the very best place it can be, period.

There is a limit of 35 writers allowed in the webinar class, and seats will fill up fast.

Get your new year started off right by joining Max and The Story Farm in 2020. This could be the year you produce a script that finally gets you noticed - the notoriety you deserve is waiting. You just need to work at it, educate yourself constantly, and develop projects quickly and effectively. Max and The Story Farm can help.



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Max Timm

After two years at the Holy Cross College at the University of Notre Dame, swimming through a Liberal Arts major and watching football, Max discovered the art of filmmaking and transferred to Columbia College Chicago. He majored in screenwriting and producing at Columbia, and eventually found himself dizzy within the entertainment capital, Los Angeles. After multiple assistant positions at film distribution and advertising companies, Max stumbled upon Writers Boot Camp (WBC) in Santa Monica, CA. Graduating from its Professional Membership in 2007, Max was asked to stay with WBC as a Membership Coordinator and Instructor. After six years, working his way up to Creative Director and Director of Development, Max worked with thousands of writers on their screenplays and novels, as well as personally consulted A-List celebrities.

Both a screenwriter and novelist, Max has created a lifelong relationship with writing. His focus is within the realms of Middle Grade and Young Adult fiction, as well as movies geared toward family entertainment. He still believes James Howe's Bunnicula series is one of the finest middle grade series ever written, and that Mr. Howe's book, "The Celery Stalks at Midnight", may very well be the best book title ever.

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