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Six week Sitcom Pilot Workshop (3/26 - 5/6)


This six-week workshop takes students from an idea to a completed pilot script. Students will design their series, craft their very pilot outline, and write it in an online course designed to mimic working in an virtual TV writers' room. This is accomplished through a combination of lectures, examples, assignments, and interviews with showrunners - as well as copious amounts of actual writing! This course is the online version of the popular workshop I've been teaching since 2015.

Topics include:

  • The basic elements, and types of sitcoms
  • Developing your sitcom premise
  • Creating the logline for your series
  • Tips and techniques for creating characters
  • How to orchestrate the cast of characters in your sitcom
  • Types of pilots
  • How to brainstorm and break stories
  • How to outline like the pros
  • Jokes, bits and gags
  • Formatting for all types of sitcoms
  • Writing and rewriting tips and tricks.
  • How to work in a writers' room
  • Getting your script read and career strategies.


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Steve Trautmann

Steve Trautmann was born and raised in California. After high school he postponed college after his journalism teacher told him he probably wasn't tethered to the truth tightly enough to be happy as a journalist, and that he should stick to writing fiction, especially humor. Directly after High School he joined the U.S. Air Force and became an Arabic translator. After the USAF, Steve went to College and studied Theatre and Film at UCLA, graduating with B.A.

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