310: Transforming From Actor to Director w/ Nitzan Mager!

Liz Manashil & Alrik Bursell • November 16, 2021

Liz and Alrik chat with Actor, writer, producer and director Nitzan Mager to talk about her web series Quarantine I Love You which she wrote/produced/directed three seasons of since the start of the pandemic. Nitzan talks about her process for the show and how she really honed her directing skills through making the show and really gained her confidence as a director. This is a really great conversation to highlight how you can make the jump from being in front of the camera to behind the camera and what that transition can look like. We also have our very first ever repeat filmmaker for Get Shorty with friend of the show Charnstar Anderson returning to talk about his short film, Pizza Deliverance. Lastly, Liz and Alrik chat about movies and talk a bit about their goals, why they matter and what their future careers might look like!