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A Quiet Place: Secrets of Screenplay Format - Part 1

This week we are going to be looking at A Quiet Place by Scott Beck, Bryan Woods, and John Krasinski.

Everyone who knows anything about A Quiet Place has commented on the way it uses the visual medium directorially to tell a story with hardly any dialogue at all.

But what very few people are talking about is how this relates to the writing of the screenplay– how to actually put action like that on the page–and how all that relates to one of the most important concepts in screenwriting: formatting.

So in this podcast, we’re going to be breaking down the actual construction of A Quiet Place to show you how to write action and how to handle formatting in your own screenplay.

Regardless of whether you’re writing a nearly silent film like A Quiet Place, or one as chatty as an Aaron Sorkin movie, we’re going to discuss how to put these concepts into action in your writing.

A lot of screenwriters are really terrified about formatting; they feel like formatting is this counterintuitive thing, this kind of grammatical set of rules by which they somehow have to abide.

And if you think about formatting in this way, it isn’t going to free up your creativity, and it isn’t going to be a lot of fun...

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