AFF at Home: Spark Your Story

Barbara Morgan • July 14, 2021

Welcome to week one of AFF at Home! In this time of distance and restrictions – we wanted to promote a sense of community, engagement, and creativity.  AFF at Home will guide you through a week’s worth of content and stories in the hopes to not only inspire but to motivate you to complete your next creative step. To quote the great Bill Wittliff, “if you take care of your writing, your writing takes care of you”. This program is designed to help you on your journey to becoming a better writer.  And since it’s all virtual, your writing community is now spanning the globe. We encourage you to  use this space to connect with others, and who knows, you might connect with a virtual writing partner that you might have met sitting at the Driskill Bar!

This week’s theme is “Spark Your Story”. Whether you’re jumping back in or taking the first step, we want you to hit the ground running! We have five actions, each with different content, for you to engage with.


All writers experience writer’s block – from the amateur to the professional. This week, listen to panelists Ashley Miller (Thor), Amy Louise Johnson (The Long Road Home), and Herschel Weingrod (Trading Places) as they discuss tips for tackling the blank page.