An In-Depth Look at A Quiet Place with Writers, Scott Beck & Bryan Woods

Max Timm • May 3, 2018

Max Timm and the Curious About Screenwriting Network has interviewed many professional writers over the years, but none of Max's prior interviews have delved into the details of one of the writers' projects as thoroughly as this one. Because A Quiet Place is so unique on so many levels, Max wanted to talk with its writers, Scott and Bryan, about how they approached the literal writing on the page, the decisions behind certain conceptual elements as well as individual scenes.

Without seeing the film, Max only read the script before the interview, and he is now that much more excited to head out and watch A Quiet Place. Whether you've seen the film or haven't yet (there are spoilers), this is an interview worth checking out. It's a lesson in screenwriting mixed with laughs, industry insights, and some of the best pieces of advice for writers we have yet to present on our podcast network.

Listen in. Enjoy. Just try and keep quiet.