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Episode 60 - Netflix vs Spielberg, and the Future of Cinema

The future of moviegoing is at least that's what Mr. Spielberg thinks. He also thinks that Netflix shouldn't be considered for Academy Awards, and instead presented as possible primetime Emmy considerations...since the films are technically shown on television. Felicity Wren and Max Timm agree to a point, however there are elements to this conversation that deserve a more thorough review. It isn't so simple, and the times they are a-changing, Mr. Spielberg. Tune in and join the conversation. A big thanks to our wine sponsor, Steele Wines, and a new sponsor, Check them both out!

Remember, Felicity Wren and Max Timm always have open Q&A during every Facebook Live broadcast, so you should tune in when they broadcast their next live chat. Even though most broadcasts focus on a particular subject, every writer is welcome to ask anything they like at any time. Felicity and Max will do their best to give you a straight and honest answer.

This is a podcast recording of the ISA's Facebook Live broadcast of Wine Wednesdays. Please note that some promotions offered during the live broadcast are no longer available. We can, however, assist you if you wish to find out more information regarding ISA events, contests, or consulting offers. Just reach out to and we will be happy to help.

You can reach out to Max regarding any type of query: If you have particular interest in working with him on a one-on-one coaching and development basis, email him at His Story Farm development and coaching service is quickly becoming the best in the business! Felicity can also be reached at She, too, can work with you one-on-one, so don't hesitate to inquire. We can't wait to support you.

Subjects and themes for the broadcasts change from week to week, so stay tuned on most Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm Los Angeles time. For a specific schedule and set of announcements, "Like" the ISA Facebook page and keep up to date.
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