Film Inquiry Ep 5: Eastern Cinema and Legion

Mike Daringer • June 6, 2018

Hello all!

Here we are at the fifth episode and,oh boy, do we have a good one for you.

This week Jay and yours truly, Mike Daringer, talk about eastern cinema, recap the Legion finale, and discuss the newly released Ghost in the Shell. Mild spoilers are mentioned here or there, so just be forewarned before going in.

I should also say that we do have differing ideas than most people about the whitewashing controversy surrounding Ghost in the Shell. After praising eastern cinema and all of it’s glory, we give our opinions on it. Know that we aren’t trying to be offensive, but have a discussion about it. None of our comments are meant to perpetuate hate or racism. We are tying to create an honest discourse.

That being said, we hope you enjoy! Leaves us any feedback. Like us iTunes. Be a pal. We want to be pals with you.


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