Get Spooked! Ghost Stories & Horror w/ DJ MacHale, Scott Markus & Max Timm

Max Timm & Scott Markus • October 30, 2021

Join the ISA's Scott Markus and Max Timm (hosts of the Fantastic Story Society podcast) as they reunite for another Halloween special event - ISA Presents: Get Spooked with a Look Inside Ghost Stories and Horror Movies. They will be joined by Special Guest, DJ MacHale (Are You Afraid of the Dark?).

It's that time of year when the veil between what's real and imaginary thins, we question what's lurking around dark corners, and we debate whether or not candy corn is the greatest Halloween candy ever. (Max thinks it is.)

Learn why some horror movies work while others miss the mark
How to create fear and suspense for the audience

We will discuss why we like ghost stories & horror, and why so few horror movies are good, but the ones that are good are REALLY good. Diving into the psychology of fear, the different kinds of hauntings, and why fantastic scary stories don't always need to include the paranormal, Scott and Max aim to get us in that frightening mood and kick off the holiday season.