IFH 419: The Filmmaking Philosophy & Genre Defining Films w/ Alex Proyas

Alex Ferrari • January 14, 2021

I can’t be more excited to bring you this episode. On today’s show, we have the legendary writer/director Alex Proyas, the filmmaker behind The Crow, Dark City, The Knowing, Gods of Egypt, and I, Robot.

Alex Proyas had a huge influence on my filmmaking life. The Crow was one of those films I watch a thousand times, in the theater, when I was in film school. He began his filmmaking career working in music videos with the likes of Sting, INXS, and Fleetwood Mac before getting the opportunity to direct The Crow.

The Crow was one of the first modern comic adaptations but as Alex puts it…
“The Crow was my anti-comic book movie.” – Alex Proyas

Both The Crow  and Dark City had such a HUGE influence on films and filmmakers for years after their initial releases.

Alex’s films are visually dazzling and have the voice of a true artist. You can see a direct line from his genre-defining work to films like The Matrix, Alita: Battle Angel, Equilibrium, Underworld, The Dark Knight, Inception, and many others.

I feel Alex’s contributions to the visual aesthetics of modern cinema have been extremely undervalued. Director’s like Christopher Nolan point at Alex’s films as inspiration when he was putting together The Dark Knight Trilogy. The Matrix has Dark City visuals and style oozing from the screen.

Alex and I discuss his career, working within the studio system, dealing with insane interference in his creative vision, why he is shooting short films at this stage of his career, his new film studio The Heretic Foundation, and his misadventures in Hollyweird.

He has also launched a YouTube channel called Mystery Clock Cinema where he showcases his short films and amazing filmmaking tutorials, philosophies, and live streams.

Prepared to be inspired. Enjoy my thoroughly entertaining conversation with filmmaker Alex Proyas.