Insider News: Spectacle of Jordan Peele & Lee Jessup Discusses YOUR Story

Max Timm, Shayna Weber • July 20, 2022

Max & Shayna discuss the marketability of horror comedies and the deeper meanings of Jordan Peele films. Lee Jessup reminds writers that their personal stories are important - be prepared to tell your story too!

Summer Camp & Hot Weather
Top Story: Jordan Peele's Nope & spectacle
Finn Wolfhard directing a horror-comedy
Insider News: Lee Jessup - Understand your personal narrative
14:40 - What We're Watching: Minions: Rise of Gru
15:40 - What We're Watching: House of Gucci
16:28 - What We're Watching: Old Man, Only Murders in the Building & finishing Friends
18:12 - Twitter Question: What 'flaw' do you have that's actually a positive?
23:40 -Event: 9 Things Every Writer Needs
24:34 - Good News: Lost Pup at the Dog Show Links: Jordan Peele, ‘Nope’ Stars on

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