ISA Insider News: YOUR Comments, Venice FF & Batman vs Superman

Max Timm, Shayna Weber • September 7, 2022

Max & Shayna respond to all of your comments & go over the big difference between festival films & popcorn flicks (Venice Film Festival Vs. Top Gun Maverick). The two fantasy nerds also discuss the Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings Series, The Rings of Power.

Venice film festival 2022 opening roundup – a promisingly juicy start:

 - Intro
 - Watching: Top Gun Maverick
 - Festival films vs. popcorn movies
 - Watching: Rings of Power
 - Top Story: Venice Film Festival & "The Whale" w/ Brendan Frasier
 - The wrong kind of drama... Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, Jason Sudeikis
 - ISA Pitch Challenge 12:00 - Roundtable discussion: Screenplay feedback
 - StoryFarm workshop
 - Comments: Why do people like Yellowstone?
 - Comments: Finding your voice as a writer
 - Comments: Favorite streaming service
 - Comments: Best movies we haven't seen
 - Comments: Future of fantasy + author on YouTube
 - Comments: Is Hollywood buying anything?
 - We want more comments from you!