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ISA & NYWIFT Present - Audience Development w/ Rosalind Murphy

Topic: Marketing, Branding, and Audience Development
The ISA's Max Timm hosts a series of interviews with board members from NYWIFT, discussing all elements of the entertainment industry from producing to screenwriting, to marketing and content creation for the digital space. The ISA is thankful to New York Women In Film and Television for granting us time with their board members in order to provide insight and education for all creatives within the ISA membership.

We look forward to more collaboration with NYWIFT in the future, and if you would like to learn more, click the link below:

Read More About Rosalind Murphy:

Rosalind Murphy is a Producer and Media Consultant for film, television, theater and art organizations. She specializes in Audience Development, Branded Entertainment and Partnership Development. Rosalind is on the board of New York Women in Film and TV and Vice President of Programming Committee.

Rosalind co-produced SimonSays Entertainment Theater Workshop “Good Bread Alley’, film feature “Dope Fiend”, short fIlm “In Black and White" and marketing consultant on TV Pilot “Black Rose”. Rosalind received the Microsoft Diversity Inclusion Award for developing the innovative “Women Executive Passion Forum" for Fortune 500 Executives.
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