ISA Reviews - Aquaman

Jeff York • December 29, 2018

“Aquaman” drowns in too many ideas, visuals, and special effects

“Aquaman” may be doing well at the box office, but this latest in the DC Extended Universe is nonetheless a mess. The film is crammed full of too many visual ideas, too many battles, too much CGI, and too many god-awful lines and jokes. Lead Jason Momoa has certain charms, but his character comes off as little more than a burly frat boy. Meanwhile, the filmmakers surround him with not one, but two enemy storylines, all kinds of extravagantly silly sea creatures, and a land-locked excursion to Italy that feels like left-overs from “The Mummy.” If only it had aimed smaller, like the scale of “Wonder Woman,” it might’ve been a keeper, but this one should be thrown back into the ocean.

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