ISA Reviews - Netflix's Maniac, with the ISA's Max Timm

Jeff York • October 20, 2018

“Maniac” makes for a complex and challenging miniseries on Netflix.

Netflix is truly redefining entertainment platforms as well as pushing the envelope artistically with its content. Their big-budget miniseries “Maniac” starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill is one that demands avid attention from its audience each minute. The storytelling zigs and zags, challenging norms of character arc and tone. Series creator Patrick Somerville and director Cary Fukunaga have delivered 10 episodes blending drama, black comedy, sci-fi adventure, fantasy, and satire into one trippy show. It may be hard to get a handle on, and difficult to embrace, but it’s never less than fascinating. No wonder it’s become such a watercooler show.