It's All About Desire, with Story Master, Michael Hauge, and Max Timm

Max Timm • December 15, 2018

Bringing on the great Michael Hauge on the Curious About Screenwriting podcast is always a treat. Michael Hauge has been a screenwriting and story consultant for nearly 40 years, having worked one-on-one with writers at every level, from novice to A-List (Will Smith swears by him). He's one of the best, and it never fails that any time we have Michael on, something new and seemingly priceless is learned.

In this interview, the ISA's Max Timm and Michael talk about the importance of desire within a character, the differences between plot goals and character goals, and how they all live and breathe together within a very specific structure. Michael is also offering up his 6-Stage Structure Chart through the link below for you all to be able to get a sense of how the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Acts work within a feature film.

So take a listen and soak in all of the knowledge!

Michael's 6-Stage Structure Chart: