Jacob Krueger: Bojack Horseman - Breaking the Rules of Structure

Jacob Krueger • April 5, 2018

Excerpt from Podcast:

"...This week we are going to be talking about BoJack Horseman. But we aren't just going to be talking about the series. We are going to be talking about one very particular episode, and doing a really deep breakdown of Season 4, Episode 9, entitled Ruthie...

And what is interesting about this episode is that it is breaking all the rules of structure, in order to control the tone of the episode in a way that isn't supposed to work!

This episode is about Princess Carolyn’s terrible, awful, awful day. It is so freaking dark! This episode is about a woman whose only desire is to have a baby, and, guess what? She is not going to have it.

This is about as dark a topic as you can handle. And this is a comedy! You aren't supposed to be doing this.

So, how do the writers keep the tone from getting so dark that we would lose the fun and the laughter that brings us to a series like this? How are we supposed to laugh at Princess Carolyn’s miscarriage?

Well, the magic is actually in that structural game the writers are playing..."