Jacob Krueger's Seminars and a Brand New Fix Your Pitch

Jacob Krueger • April 17, 2017

In association with the International Screenwriter's Association, we are proud to support Jacob Krueger Studio and WriteYourScreenplay.com. Jacob's studio is now presenting live and online seminars completely free. Please don't forget to register for free as a member with the ISA at www.networkisa.org.

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Excerpt from this podcast:

"This is perhaps the most dangerous screenwriting lecture you will ever hear.

That’s because today I’m going to be talking about one of the most dangerous concepts for screenwriters: the concept of pitch.

The reason that pitch is so dangerous for screenwriters is that when all we’re thinking about is “can I sell it, can I sell it, can I sell it?”  it takes us away from the kind of writing that we can actually sell.

Similarly, when all we’re thinking about is “what do they want, what do they want, what do they want,” it cuts us off from our own voices.

If you’ve listened to this podcast you know that without your voice you don’t have a shot. That in fact, your voice is the only thing that a producer can buy.

So how can you use that knowledge as you develop the pitch for your screenplay..."