Life of a Documentarian & Making It’s Not a Burden w/ Dir Michelle Boyaner

Liz Manashil & Alrik Bursell • December 18, 2021

This week we have documentary filmmaker and director Michelle Boyaner on the show to talk about making her latest: It’s Not a Burden, about adult children taking care of their elderly parents. Michelle talks about why she decided to make this film, how they raised the funds and her process of getting this story onto the screen. This is Michelle’s third feature doc and she talks about why she keeps returning to documentaries, the struggle to raise funds and how she is able to live off of storytelling. We also have another Australian filmmaker Ambrosia Miller on the show to talk about his first short film, Banana Peel Man which is really a lot of fun. Liz and Alrik read a listener email, Alrik gives an update on The Alternate and Liz and Alrik discuss pitch decks for features, if you need them and how to present them at and/or after meetings!