Live Read, Grand Prize Winning Short - TRMS - Sundance 2020

Felicity Wren • March 13, 2020

We are proud to present the Table Read My Screenplay Park City Grand Prize winning short:

The Nebraska Incident by J Elizabeth Martin

Inspired by true events

Logline: When a mysterious craft crash lands in a rural Nebraska farm, a young girl named Ruth, crippled by polio, discovers that her psychic abilities not only have the power to avert a war, but also give her the confidence to move forward after her debilitating illness. 

Our esteemed actors performing the reading for: 
Doris Morgan - read by JC Sullivan 
Ruth Morgan - Karisa Tate
John Morgan - Max Timm
Captain Hernan Mendoza - James Inez
Narrated by Felicity Wren

Enjoy the experience of listening to contest-winning screenplays, and consider recording your own reading - it can help in so many creative ways, plus it's fun!