Mastering the Logline with Barri Evins & Max Timm

Max Timm • July 27, 2016

You're about to listen to a recording of a live teleconference I recently had with producer and consultant Barri Evins. We discuss the ins and outs of how to create compelling loglines - from the essential elements of story to maximizing every word, we dive in and dissect how to put your logline over the top in the eyes of the pros. I also reiterate on the call how important it is to look at your logline as an exercise tool and a brainstorming technique. It's more than just a selling tool!


We review five loglines that were submitted for this live call, and it's a ton of fun listening to how Barri breaks the loglines down and offers supportive ideas and feedback - you can learn a lot from this interview, so listen in and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two. It's all about educating yourself! So you're on the right track by listening to our Podcasts, here.