POP ART: Episode 16, Galaxy Quest/Seven Samurai

Howard Casner • July 23, 2021

“Never give up. Never Surrender.” Feeling a bit overwhelmed? That the world is ganging up against you? Need some outside help? Time for Episode 16 of Pop Art, a podcast where my guest chooses a movie from popular culture and I choose a film from the more art/classic side of cinema to go with it. For this episode my guest, filmmaker Anna Remus, has chosen the cult classic space opera, voted the 7th best Star Trek film of all time, Galaxy Quest, and I have chosen Akira Kurosawa’s great samurai epic Seven Samurai, both films in which a band of intrepid heroes join forces to defend a small defenseless group threatened by a vicious enemy. And here we answer such questions as to which characters correspond to other characters in both films? Why didn’t Galaxy Quest do better at the box office? What did Toshiro Mifune do that was so revolutionary in The Seven Samurai? Who almost had the lead in Galaxy Quest and who is our favorite Galaxy Questian? What does Kevin Spacey have to do with it?