POP ART: Episode 9-The Omen/Village of the Damned

Howard Casner • July 2, 2021

The quarantine got you spending a bit too much time with the kids? Are you getting the feeling that maybe they’re really, well…evil, underneath it all? The perfect time to listen to Episode 9 of Pop Art, the podcast where the guest chooses a movie from pop culture and I, in turn, choose a film from the more art/classic side of cinema that has a connection to it. This time my guest, Damien Riley (appropriately named), of Riley on Film, chose the eschatological horror thriller The Omen, while I chose the more low key sci-fi thriller Village of the Damned, both about evil children. And in this episode, we discuss such topics as: Why were these films so unexpectedly successful? How do they rate by today’s standards? What does The Late Great Planet Earth have to do with it? What are the scariest moments in the film? Do the eyes have it? And how does Dr. Who fit in? And whatever you do, whenever your kids are around, think about a brick wall.