The Craft: Hook, Emotion, & Why You Write

Max Timm • September 25, 2016

Let’s get back to some very basic elements of story since the past few chapters have been a little head-spinning, deep, and oddly esoteric. Whether you’re writing a pilot, a feature, an epic fantasy novel or a small YA title with some juicy romance, or even if you’re sitting around a campfire enjoying the last few days of warm weather and telling ghost stories, the most basic element of a story is the hook. Even though the idea of a hook is simple enough, really understanding how it works and why will help you in so many ways. So, what is a hook? In very general terms, it’s what grabs your audience’s attention. It’s why your audience will see your movie, watch your show, read your book. It’s the reason for the entertainment. I’ll say that again. It’s the reason for the entertainment.

Think of it this way. We’ll use coffee as an example. LISTEN FOR MORE...

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