The Shining, The Innkeepers, They check in, but do they Check Out?

Howard Casner • April 12, 2022

POP ART, WHERE I FIND THE POP CULTURE IN ART AND THE ART IN POP CULTURE. Join me and podcaster and film enthusiast Nick Rehak as we discuss two films about haunted hotels, The Shining and The Innkeepers.

THEY CHECK IN, BUT DO THEY CHECK OUT: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It’s vacation time. You make your reservations. You find what you think is the perfect get away. You register. And then…well, I can’t say because it’s just that gruesome…Sounds like it’s time for Episode 76 of Pop Art, the podcast where my guest chooses a movie from popular culture, and I’ll select a film from the more art/classic/indie side of cinema with a connection to it. This time round, I am happy to welcome as my guest, podcaster and film enthusiast, Nick Rehak, who has chosen as his film the Stanley Kubrick horror classic The Shining, while I have chosen new filmmaker Ti West’s small indie The Innkeepers, both films about haunted hotels.

And in this episode we ask such questions as: Does Kubrick believe in ghosts? What are the two kinds of haunted house/buildings movies? Who said: God is a big, black slab from outer space and the devil is a bartender named Lloyd? What did Ti West have to say about The Shining? Why did Kubrick make The Shining? What did co-writer Diane Johnson think of Stephen King? Why do horror movies focus so much on female characters? How long did it take to shoot The Innkeepers? What Razzie Awards did The Shining get nominated for? Why is it wrong to call the two girls in The Shining twins? Who dubbed Jack Nicholson in Italy?