Wine Wednesday Ep 80 w/ Lee Jessup on Post-COVID Hollywood in 2021

Felicity Wren & Max Timm • December 9, 2020

It's been a wild year, and even longer since Max and Felicity jumped on camera and hosted on of their Wine Wednesdays broadcasts. This time with Felicity in Los Angeles and Max in Wisconsin...but sharing wine all the same.

Even better they will bring back a recurring guest - screenwriter career coach, Lee Jessup. Lee is a whiz when it comes to everything that's going on in the industry, and since it's ever changing and evolving, Max and Felicity will get the update on how things are looking now that we're nearly ending this crazy 2020 and entering a hopeful 2021. Lots of questions to ask, so get ready and let's celebrate the end of this current year by looking ahead with optimism as we zoom into the next.