Write Hot Episode 29 - Pursuing the Dream with Denise Meyers

Laura Powers • December 31, 1969

Denise Meyers began her professional career at the William Morris Agency as an assistant to literary agent, Judy Scott-Fox after graduating from Oregon State University in 1982 with a degree in broadcast communications. After working as a freelance story analyst for independent film and distribution companies, Meyers became a screenwriter herself, but after twelve years in the film business with nothing but a handful of free options to show for her efforts, she moved to Utah to pursue a successful career as a full-time artist. When the economy bottomed out in 2009, Meyers returned to what she calls “the dream that wouldn’t die”. Principal photography was just completed on a short film she wrote in 2015 entitled THE DARK OF NIGHT (a Table Read my Screenplay Grand Prize Winner, Austin Film Festival 2015). The film, directed by Robin Wright, stars Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell, and was shot with the crew from House of Cards (including award winning director of photography, Dave Dunlap). In February 2016 she was named an Athena List winner at the Athena Film Festival in New York. Meyers is the only writer in the six year history of the festival to have two screenplays make it to the finals; RIDE THE WIND: The Bessie Stringfield Story, about the only African American woman to serve as a motorcycle dispatch rider in World War Two was an Athena List winner, and LUCKY 13, an Athena Finalist, is about the first American women to fly military aircraft in wartime and the significant role they played in training male pilots how to fly the B26 “Widowmaker” in advance of the D-Day attack on Normandy. Lucky 13 was recently chosen as one of three winners of the 2017 Atlanta Film Festival screenplay competition. For more information on Denise, please visit her website at: www.delicateflowerfilms.com. You can, also, connect with Laura Powers at www.laurapowers.net. You can also find her on facebook and follow her on twitter @thatlaurapowers.