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Catharsis' Notes to Screenwriters Cruise


Join the founders of Catharsis, Barbara Nicolosi and Vicki Peterson, on an unforgettable screenwriting seminar. Take challenging courses on story and workshop your own script, all while sailing through the gorgeous backdrop of Alaskan scenery. Plenty of free time will be available to digest information and take advantage of the port activities.




Courses include over 15 hours of instruction (tantamount to 5 weeks of a college course!) on story, plot, character, theme, dialogue, and style. Sessions are designed to meet the needs of beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers. All writers will have the opportunity to workshop their stories and receive invaluable group feedback. Additional individual feedback sessions with the Catharsis founders are also available. 




Barbara Nicolosi is originally from Portsmouth, Rhode Island and is the Founder and Chair Emeritus of Act One, Inc., a nonprofit program to train and mentor Christians for careers as Hollywood writers and executives. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the new Galileo Studio at Azusa Pacific University, an on-line think tank that utilizes 3D video technology.


Vicki Petersen is a California native, screenwriter and founding partner of Catharsis. Her most recent writing projects include a television pilot, Alum Rock Ave, based on her hometown in East San Jose, which is in development at Cortez Brothers. She is also developing a feature called Mother at War, based on the inspirational true story of Mary Ann Bickerdyke with producer Ken Stewart. Her script, Jesus Stole My Boyfriend, was recently a finalist at the Broad Humor Film Festival, and her former projects include features, TV specs, and rewrites for smaller production companies.


See more about about both Barbara and Vicki at



  •  SEMINAR: $700
    • Includes all seminars, workshops, and course materials. Additional individual consultations on story ideas or screenplays may be purchased for $150 per one hour session.
    • Writers may bring additional guests for no additional charge. Guests may be included in group meals and social events, but not classes. (Don’t worry, there’s plenty for them to do while you’re in class!)
    • Due by March 4th. 
  • STATEROOMS: Starting at $449 + taxes 

We have reserved a limited number of cabins for $449 inside, per person + taxes, and $549 outside. First come, first served. We have reserved additional rooms starting at $649. You can choose one of our reserved cabins or one that is outside our reservation, whichever is lower. Please visit: for a list of current rates.


Prices are per person. Taxes and port charges not included. NCL holds KIDS SAIL FREE promotions once or twice a year. Please visit for current promotions. $125 deposit required per person upon booking, remainder due March 4th. Writers looking to share rooms may coordinate with NCL.Contact Ivan Lora at NCL for more information. 1-877-416-9722 ext. 4249.







Q. I’ve never cruised before…I have lots of questions. 
A. Visit for more than you’d ever want to know about the ship, itinerary, and how the whole shebang works. If you have any questions about rooms or other amenities, contact our cruise rep, Ivan Lora at 1-877-416-9722 ext. 4249.
Q. I’ve never been to a screenwriting seminar before…
A. You are DOOMED. Just kidding. We’ll look out for you! Go to our “Contact Us” page if you have any questions that aren’t covered here.
Q. Do I need to pay in full when I book my room?
A. Nope! Just a $125 deposit per person. The remainder is due to NCL March 4th.
Q. Do I need to pay in full when I register with Catharsis?
A. Nope! Just a $125 deposit per person. The remainder is due to Catharsis March 4th. See how we made that easy for you to remember?
Q. I’m traveling alone. Can I room with someone else from the group?
A. Yes! Call Ivan at NCL and he will track guests looking for roommates.
Q. What if I want my own room?
A. You can do that. Different rates will apply.
Q. I called Ivan and he quoted me a group rate, but it’s higher than a fare I saw published elsewhere.
A. If you find other promotions that apply to this cruise, you can ask for that rate. Please book through Ivan so we know you’re accounted for.
Q. May I bring a friend/spouse/kids/entourage?
A. Absolutely! Non-writer guests are welcome to join us. There’s special room rates for third, fourth, and even fifth passengers. Please register everyone in your group on the Catharsis registration page. There’s a place to add guests for free.
Q. Are we in class the whole time? I like screenwriting, but I want a vacation, too. 
A. Classes are held in approximately two-hour blocks when the ship is “at sea”, with down time in between for mandatory shuffleboard and lava flows. We do not meet when the ship is in port. So go ahead and book that dog sled excursion.
Q. Do we meet up for meals?
A. Dinners will be with the whole group together (including non-writing guests) in the main dining room at a specified time each night. Breakfast and lunch are on your own. Choose one of the multiple opportunities to eat what you like, how you like.
Q. I’m a beginning screenwriter. Is this cruise for me?
A. Yes, but we may assign a few materials ahead of time to help you get the most out of the week. You may consider signing up for mentoring prior to the cruise. We will shepherd you as much as we can. Our schtick at Catharsis is that we meet people wherever they’re at and help them get to the next level.
Q. I’m a total hotshot, and I’ve got Bruckheimer on speed dial. What’s in it for me?
A. Tell us your goals and we will challenge and support you, whether it’s breaking a new story or rewriting an old one. Plus, you get to hang with us. And that’s something.
Q. Will there be time for one on one feedback?
A. One of the best things about being together for a week means you will get individual face time with us and ask questions specific to the project you are working on. However, you still need to be proactive. Sit next to us at dinner at least once. Utilize your time with us in class. If you’re cool, buy us a glass of wine at the piano bar some evening, and we’ll give you all the sage advice you can handle.




At Catharsis, we believe stories matter, and that they can become life altering journeys for individuals and the broader society. We know there can be no catharsis in the viewer without a whole lot of similar light-bulb events in a project's creators. We believe you have something to share with the world. We know we can help.

For more info and to register, visit:

or contact Vicki Peterson at 310-499-6726 

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