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Inclusivity and Your Script Workshop


Inclusivity and Your Script 

This workshop explores approaches for creating and depicting authentic diverse characters in film and TV. Through a lively mix of lecture, peer and instructor feedback, and interactive breakout rooms, you’ll learn how to make your storytelling more inclusive. Topics include where and how to research; portrayals in historical, contemporary, and futuristic contexts; decolonizing Hollywood; character revelation through behavior; and advancing the narrative. Homework will be assigned so prepare to spend at least one hour after each session on your project.

WHEN: November 18, 2020 – November 21, 2020
Wednesday & Thursday 6:30-8:30pm | Saturday 11am-1pm | 3 sessions

Instructor: Randall Jahnson, Ashwini Prasad

Location: Online
Class is limited to 20 participants

$350 for registration - Use discount code: partner2020 for $20.00 off!

Randall Jahnson

Randall Jahnson has been a professional screenwriter for 34 years.   His credits include the punk rock western Dudes, The Doors, The Mask of Zorro, Sunset Strip, the Norwegian indie, Dryads – Girls Don’t Cry, and episodes of the classic HBO series, Tales from the Crypt.   He also wrote the epic Western video game, Gun, which was voted Best Story at the 2005 IGN Video Game Awards.  Most recently, he’s penned two episodes of a forthcoming science-fiction horror series for Amazon Latinoamerica, and completed a graphic novel, The Feed, for Sabotage Industries.  He has also adapted for series, You Know Your Way Home, a memoir by psychic Suzanne Jauchius.  Way back in the 1980s Jahnson directed music videos for Henry Rollins, Black Flag, Stan Ridgway, and the legendary Minutemen.


Ashwini Prasad

Ashwini Prasad, The Inclusive Screenwriter, leads with equity and justice as her pillars in her work as an anti-racist educator and screenwriter. Her pillars were rooted in college which is now over 20 years of experience in anti-racism, anti-oppression and social justice work with two Master’s degrees in these focus areas. Her screenplays focus on bringing people who are erased/marginalized onto our screens. Her recent book, “How To Write Inclusively: An Analysis & How To Guide,” provides how tos on writing inclusively that is available for purchase on Amazon.


IG: theinclusivescreenwriter

Twitter: @INCScreenwriter


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Northwest Film Center

The Northwest Film Center is a place where individuals find and cultivate their personal voices as storytellers and image makers, and audiences explore our region and the world through the big screen. Our theater, classrooms and facilities welcome a diverse cross-section of community members for film appreciation, skill- and community-building and technical support.

Established in 1971, the Northwest Film Center is a regional media arts resource and service organization founded to encourage the study, appreciation, and utilization of the moving image arts, foster their artistic and professional excellence, and to help create a climate in which they may flourish. The Film Center joined the Portland Art Association in 1979 to become a sister organization to the Portland Art Museum.

The Center provides a variety of film and video exhibition, education, and information programs primarily directed to the residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.



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