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HEY ISA! Join us for some SCRIPT FRENZY!


ISA Portland has launched a weekly Zoom screenwriting group called SCRIPT FRENZY, and YOU’RE INVITED! It was created to keep our ISA chapter groups connected during this time of isolation. It’s also a great way to “see” our friends and keep our butts in chairs putting words on the page when distractions abound. 


From  9:00 AM to NOON (PACIFIC TIME) on TUESDAYS, we get on Zoom, and spend three hours of uninterrupted time to work on our screenplays (or stories or outlines or treatments or…).

  9:00 — Welcome, check-in, housekeeping. 

  9:15 — WRITE! - no interruptions (silence: everyone’s audio feed is muted).

10:00 — BREAK (chat, pee, snack, whatever)

10:15 — WRITE - no interruptions

11:00 — BREAK (feed the cat, stretch, whatever)

11:15 — WRITE - no interruptions

12:00-12:05PM  — CLOSE

Register through ISA, and we’ll send you a link with the Zoom ID and password.

This event is FREE!

Thanks, and hope to see you Tuesday morning!

Mary & David

Portland ISA Chapter


MARY ANDONIAN is a novelist and screenwriter based in the Northwest. Despite a few prestigious college degrees unrelated to writing (somewhere in there lies a dark story), Mary has authored the teen inspirational book, BITSY’S LABYRINTH (which she also adapted into a screenplay), and the screenplays TIME SHARE, GUARDIAN JOE, and THE SOUND OF RAIN. Most recently, Mary co-wrote TERMINAL with David Poulshock and Nancy Froeschle. Mary is a former board member of Willamette Writers and, over the years, her passion for writing inspired her to take on leadership positions at the group's annual conference, including Program Coordinator and Literary and Film Committee Co-Chair. In those roles, Mary collaborated with scores of Hollywood agents, managers and producers to arrange pitch sessions, seminars and workshops at the conference. Reach Mary at 

DAVID POULSHOCK is an award-winning Northwest screenwriter and filmmaker whose work includes: TV commercials and corporate films; the best-selling WEE SING kidvid series (Universal Home Video); 13 episodes of MATHEMATICS ILLUMINATED (Annenberg Channel), and many other projects.  His original screenplays, TURBULENCE, THE EMPTY SEA (formerly THE FIX), THE WAY OF DAVEGIDEON’S REVENGETHE HOUSE OF LOUIE and DOG DIRTY MEAN have won accolades from the world’s top screenplay competitions.  His most current project, TERMINAL, was written in collaboration with Mary Andonian and Nancy Froeschle. Prior to his film career, David was keyboardist with the legendary Northwest cult band, Upepo (Oregon Music Hall of Fame). He has served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Northwest Academy and Chairman of the Willamette Writers Conference (2005). Reach David at

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