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Soulful Screenwriting


In this empowering 5-week interactive workshop - starting on National Screenwriters' Day! - participants receive a big running start toward beginning a project from scratch or rewriting a current screenplay effectively.

We discuss crucial dramatic ingredients along with common screenwriting pitfalls and creative writing exercises and tools for solving them.

Each session includes one or two writing exercises culled from several of the Now Write! books to help you get out of your own way, get creative juices flowing, and benefit your screen stories.

This intimate workshop is a safe space to talk about your work - limited to 10 participants.

Soulful Screenwriting was designed by Laurie Lamson, a produced, award-winning screenwriter, screenplay consultant, 4-year telecon host for International Screenwriters’ Association and author/editor of three Now Write! anthologies.

What people are saying:

"Your exercises have proven very helpful! It's a good reminder to me, to keep taking workshops because there will always be new ways of looking at things. Thanks so much for a beneficial and thought-provoking workshop."
- Lise Pyles, award-winning screenwriter and co-founder of San Antonio Screenwriters' Guild (two-time attendee)

“It was beyond incredibly helpful. Many of the things I’ve either never heard of before or never thought of before so it gave me a lot to think about!”
- Megan Sarnacki, writer

“Want you to know that I really appreciated the course! I know I've got a way to go to truly become a deeply 'soulful' screenwriter, and I now feel like I can at least imagine that possibility.”
- David Sawicki, musician, music educator, developing a webseries

“I enjoyed the workshops; they helped me figure out some basic plot points for my next screenplay.”
- Patty Sandoval Sralla, screenwriter, top 10 percent in many notable screenwriting contests, co-founder San Antonio Screenwriters’ Guild, rock singer

“Had a blast! Very valuable information. “
- James Blake Beene – writer, improv comedian (two-time attendee)

“I really enjoyed your class - and it also helped me from an actor's perspective, because as you know, we always have to dig around for our characters' motivation.”
- Kate McIntyre, actress, writer, webseries producer

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  • Screenplay Consult: $175

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For Soulful Screenwriting attendees, discounted one-on-one screenplay consultation is available for three months following the workshop.  Average eight pages of thoughtful in-depth notes plus one-hour follow up consultation.  (Regular $250.)

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Now Write!


Compassionate Story Consultation, Coaching, Editing and Proofreading With Now Write! Editor Laurie Lamson.


I don’t believe writing is a rarified skill.  Sometimes the most compelling material comes from ‘untrained’ writers. And professional writers struggle with the same things novices do:

  • finding clarity about your story and what you’re trying to say

  • trusting your own voice

  • allowing yourself to write about uncomfortable subjects

  • connecting with emotions and telling emotional truth

  • fear of criticism and taking it personally

  • keeping momentum going when your inspiration lags

  • knowing or finding out the necessary elements of a great story

  • learning the conventions of your writing area/genre


What sets professional writers apart is that they courageously grapple with all the above  - without giving up.  They learn to engage their passion and get out of their own way to share their unique gifts through writing.


Working with me, my fellow writers learn to be less critical of their work and open up realms of possibility, develop their voices and become more productive in their writing.  I’ve been honored by how much screenwriters and authors have valued my input, which helped them take their projects to the next level – and to completion.



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