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ISA's Third Thursdays - Lexington


Join us for the ISA's Third Thursdays - Lexington, KY!

Come meet other local screenwriters and filmmakers and have a chance to win a door prize! Join us for this fun evening of socializing, and let's build a community of screenwriters!  This event is free and open to all. Producers, directors, actors and all other members of the film and television community are encouraged to attend.  
WHEN: Thursday, January 16th, 2020, 7:00pm
WHERE: Bistro Cafe in Joseph-Beth Booksellers - 161 Lexington Green Circle, Lexington, KY 40503
HOW MUCH: Free and open to all!  

DOOR PRIZES for the night include:

  • One free entry to The Great American Script Contest

  • One free entry to The Imaginarium Independent International Film Festival

SPECIAL GUEST: Antonio Pantoja

Founder of the Louisville Film Collective, serves on the Louisville Film Commission for the Mayor, Former Creative Director at WDRB/FOX, Creative Director for Louisville Halloween, Creative Director for Danger Run, and Screenwriter/Director of One Must Fall.

In the words of Antonio himself, "I'm a guy with an 8th grade education who used to be homeless, but these days I spend my life giving back to the art community regularly with free workshops with 300+ attendees, free portrait sessions to starving artists, and I'm a multi award winning filmmaker and photographer."





Award-winning author and filmmaker Stephen Zimmer is founder of both Seventh Star Press and the Imaginarium Convention, along with being a proud Kentucky Colonel, who always strives to help other independent creatives on their own paths.  With 16 books in print and 23 titles available in eBook formats, Stephen’s literary works include the Rayden Valkyrie novels, The Rising Dawn Saga, The Fires in Eden Series, the Hellscapes short story collections, the Harvey and Solomon steampunk tales, the YA/Dystopian series, The Faraway Saga, The Rayden Valkyrie Tales, and the Ragnar Stormbringer Tales.
His visual works as a screenwriter and director include the fantasy genre TV Pilot Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart, as well as a number of short films in several genres, and one feature, the supernatural thriller, Shadows Light.
In addition to his writing and filmmaking activities, he is the co-host of The Star Chamber Show podcast and The Creative’s Cauldron VLog on the Seventh Star Press YouTube channel.


Holly Phillippe is a lover of nature who tries to inspire others. A retired nurse and advocate for Fibromyalgia Research and  Holistic Health, she is owner/operator of Holistic Holly's Healing Helpers.

In addition to Holly's medical background, she is co-publisher at Seventh Star Press, freelance editor, co-director and convention organizer for the Imaginarium Convention, co-host of both The Creative's Cauldron's Vlog and The Star Chamber Show podcast, and was a producer on the Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart TV pilot production.

Holly considers herself a closet writer, and has been a lifelong avid reader and lover of film.



The Imaginarium Convention made its debut in 2014 and is now heading into its 7th year with a central focus on providing creative writers and other creative talents educational, networking, professional, and mentoring opportunities. In 2019, The Writer Magazine named the Imaginarium Convention the best writing conference in Kentucky and the 2nd best writing conference in the Southeast USA. Imaginarium maintains an inclusive all genre welcomed atmosphere, supporting creative writing in all forms, embracing Game Development and Film/TV production,
including programming content in each of these areas, a gaming room, and an independent film festival with juried awards. Three days filled with over 130 panels and workshops provide creative individuals of all levels of skill and experience, an abundance to choose from, to develop skill-sets to further their professional and artistic journeys.

Brontë Bistro at Joseph-Beth Booksellers is a great place for a business breakfast, lunch with friends, or a romantic night out. Our deliciously refreshed menu features popular specials now available every day. We also have starter plates for two that are perfect to share over a glass of wine or your favorite beverage.

The Great American Script Contest will be bringing not only legit and first-rate chances for you to connect with industry decision makers, agents and producers in Los Angeles, but also provide opportunity to network at live events in Chicago and LA. Script Con will not only be one of the best opportunities for you to get your writing seen and discovered, finalists will all be part of the physical film festivals in Chicago (March) and in LA (June). Teaming with Chicago Comedy, LA Comedy Film Festival and Chicago Independent Film +TV Festivals, The Great American Script Contest is set to give you unbelievable access and connections to the industry.

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