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Trekking Through TV: The Past and Future of TV Writing


Join us at 2pm PT on June 24 for Trekking Through TV: The Past and Future of Television Writing as we celebrate one of the most iconic shows in the history of television: Star Trek and also examine how television itself has changed since it first went live in 1966 to today.  

On June 24th we’re taking it to warp speed as we examine one of the most iconic franchises in the history of television: Star Trek. Our 60-minute mission - to discuss how television itself has changed since it first went live in 1966 to today.  Through the lens of Star Trek, we will explore how the business of television has changed, whether it’s the sensibilities of the viewing audience, or the nuts and bolts of how the writers room operates. Joining us to provide their insights regarding these different eras are Star Trek: Discovery co-show runner, Michelle Paradise, as well as Star Trek writer Naren Shankar (The Expanse).  This event is a co-production of the ISA and Roddenberry Entertainment, the name that brought you Star Trek. Our discussion will be co-hosted by ISA’s Senior Content Manager, Scott Markus, and John Champion, host of the popular Star Trek podcast, “Mission Log.”


  • How has TV changed?
  • How does a writers room operate?
  • Examine the Star Trek franchise with Star Trek: Discovery co-show runner, Michelle Paradise, and Star Trek writer and The Expanse show runner, Naren Shankar.

When: Friday, June 24th at 2:00pm PDT / 4:00pm CT / 5:00pm EDT (Check your Time Zone)

Where: ZOOM - A link will be emailed to registrants before the event.


Michelle Paradise 
Michelle Paradise is a writer, producer and actress. She created, wrote and starred in the short film "The Ten Rules" and the television series Exes and Ohs.  She subsequently became a writer and producer for the television series "The Originals" and "Star Trek: Discovery."

Narendra Kanakaiah Shankar
Naren" Shankar is a writer, producer and director of several television series. He is co-showrunner of the Amazon Prime series "The Expanse." He was also co-showrunner on the long-running CBS crime drama "CSI" and "Almost Human," among others. As a writer and producer, Shankar has contributed with works for "Farscape," "CSI," "Night Visions," "The Outer Limits," "The Chronicle," "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "seaQuest 2032," "Grimm," "Star Trek: Voyager," and "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

John Champion
John Champion is the co-host of the long-running Star Trek podcast "Mission Log." He's also co-creator and co-host of the "DVD Geeks" podcast and is one of the creators of its predecessor, the DVD Geeks TV show. He also produced the unabashedly geeky web-series Bif! Bam! Pow! Wow!, numerous corporate and commercial videos and a number of DVD special features and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

A lifelong science fiction enthusiast, John has moderated panels and hosted special events at fan conventions. A number of years ago he started on a long series of video interviews and has produced segments featuring dozens of the creators and talents behind Star Trek.

Roddenberry Entertainment
Roddenberry Entertainment is a science fiction leader, passionately providing thought-provoking, quality genre entertainment that sustains the legacy of founder, Gene Roddenberry. They are devoted to producing viewer-centric entertainment that actively recognizes the integral role audiences play in the creation of any franchise, as well as the role substantive entertainment can play in bettering society. Their productions promote experience over observation; encouraging audiences to think, question and challenge the status quo of the world in which we live. 



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