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25 Screenwriting Twitter Handles to Follow

John August and Craig Mazin - @johnaugust @clmazin- John's one of the leading bloggers on screenwriting, he offers a wealth of knowledge with great opinions and news with his Podcast but not writing partner Craig.

BAFTA Guru - @Baftaguru - videos, essays, and all sorts of useful material from directors, writers, and other industry professionals

The Script Lab - @thescriptlab - Great advice, news and quotes about screenwriting.
ScreenwritingU.com - @ScreenwritingU.com - Daily advice for professional screenwriter
The Tracking Board - @MyTrackingBoard - Get notice of the latest spec scripts, script sales, job postings and news

Go Into The Story - @gointothestory - Scott Meyers is a passionate and insightful writer on screenwriting, now in collaboration with The Black List.

Mark Sanderson - @scriptcat - A knowledgeable screenwriting guru with great website content, webinars and frequent tweets.

Adelaide Screenwriter - @AdelScreenWri - A non-stop cornucopia of great quotes on screenwriting, from the Down Under.

Mystery Executive - @mysteryexec - Great snarky tweets from a mysterious working entertainment executive.

International Screenwriters Association - @networkisa - Consistently excellent resource: news, events, classes, contests for screenwriters.

Deadline Hollywood - @Deadline - One of the best sources for industry news. Who's selling, who's buying, and what's getting made.

On The Page - @onthepage - Get links to videos and podcasts that are teaching aids as part of the writing program "On the Page," directed by Pilar Alessandra

Jeanne Bowerman- @jeannevb - Editor of Script Magazine (@scriptmag) and co-founder of the popular #scriptchat hashtag, Jeanne is a must-follow.

Brian Koppelman - @briankoppelman - He of the screenwriting Vine videos. Screenwriter, director, producer: Solitary Man, Rounders, Ocean's Thirteen.

The Black Board - @TheBlackBoard - News and updates from the official writing community of the Black List & Go Into The Story

Robert Dillon - @rdlln - Good screenwriting advice and screenplay analyst, he's known for his blog "Feedback Friday"

BlueCat Screenplay - @BlueCatPictures - Every entry for the competition receives analysis. The account posts tweets with notes, advice, and reminders of important contest dates.

Bitter Script Reader - @BittrScrptReadr - Hilarious, bitter bits from a script reader who also runs a blog
Danny Manus - @DannyManus - Screenwriting consultant and founder of No BullScript, Danny also writes for Script Magazine.

Stephanie Palmer - @goodinaroom - Previously the Director of Creative Affairs for MGM and named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the "Top 35 Executives Under 35." Prior to MGM, she worked at Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Helps creative people pitch ideas for films, TV shows, and start-ups. Author of Good in a Room.

Jen Grisanti - @jengrisanti - Daily thoughts and updates from Jen, who personally guides writers and helps them break into the industry through her consulting firm, Jen Grisanti Consultancy, Inc
Jeff Goldsmith - @YoGoldsmith - Great quotes and articles for inspiration

Bitch Pack - @BiatchPack - Pro-female representation in movies! This user runs "The Bitch List," which is going to document spec scripts that pass the Bechdel Test and feature well developed, three dimensional female heroines.

Box Office Mojo - @boxofficemojo - If you want to work in Hollywood you have to read the trades and know what's making and losing money week in and out.

The Academy - @TheAcademy - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences champion the power of human imagination and have some of the best short video essays on the web.

Bonus Add: Mystery Creative - @MysteryCr8tve - a new addition to this list, delivers insight from 30 years in the biz!

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Good info. I already started following a few. Thanks
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303 week(s) ago
Erman Baradi
Hope you get a tremendous amount of resources out of them!
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298 week(s) ago

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